Hello Hello, and welcome back to Good Doctor, the Korean series. While ABC’s version is on break for the Winter Olympics, let us review 3 more episodes over the next three weeks. I had planned to review more over the winter break, but, see, what had happened was the episodes were too good, and I ended up binge watching them instead of reviewing the series. Seriously, no other series I’ve seen has so many cliffhangers.

We see the episode start out with Kim Jae-Joon, head of the Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgery department, fighting verbally with Kim Do-Han, the Lead Doctor, in charge of Shi-On Park, as well as the other residents. Jae-Joon is accusing a resident under Do-Han of stealing his patient, which is true. Shi-On steps forward and admits he was the one who talked to the patient, a premature baby with limited time, that Pediatrics would do the surgery. Do-Han tells the patient’s parents he will not do the surgery, and apologizes to both the parents, and Jae-Joon. Jae-Joon is still a slimeball in my opinion.

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Cha Yoon-Seo and Shi-On have a conversation, Yoon-Seo admitting she was excited for Shi-On, seeing him as a strong candidate as a doctor, but realizes he acts just as a robot, with no real feelings for his patients. Meanwhile, Kim Do-Han and Go Choong-Man, head of the Pediatric Surgery department, are having it out in the office. While Choong-Man is screaming at Do-Han, he quietly waits until the older man is done, before calmly mentioning how he was putting the patient first. “If you weren’t disregarding it, you probably wouldn’t have used a junk medication like Heta Vizen…” For those who don’t remember, it was because of Choong-Man’s siding with a pharmaceutical company that his patient got sick last episode. We cut to Woo Il-Kyu and Choong-Man talking in the halls. Choong-Man seems to want Il-Kyu to report anything Shi-On and Do-Han do wrong. Seems Il-Kyu is being manipulated by Choong-Man.

We cut over to Do-Han meeting up with his fiance, Yoo Chae-Kyung… as well as  Lee Yeo-Won. I believe Yeo-Won and Chae-Kyung are related, maybe a step mother. Do-Han looks so uncomfortable during the whole situation, but I can relate- Chae-Kyung doesn’t want Yeo-Won to meddle in her love life. Even her wording, about how she isn’t upset the Chairman was asking about their plans, but it was her, the person, asking. Luckily, it ends with Chae-Kyung storming out, and the scene switches to Shi-On and a young boy who is refusing to eat. Shi-On is so awkward with patients, first relating with them about toys, but then breaking them on accident. He makes me cringe.

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It seems Kang Hyun-Tae, Lee Hyuk-Pil, and Choong-Man are meeting in secret again, trying to find a way to make Do-Han and Shi-On fail. I like how the series is a bit more cut throat, though a bit whimsical in their attempts to cause failure. I also love the larger cast, makes watching so much more interesting. With more repeating patients, we can see story lines brought in from different areas, like how Han Jin-Wook has a small crush on the older sister of a patient. Or how often the staff drink. Honestly, medical fields can be stressful, so incorporating an escape is truly nice. We get to see a playful side of Yoon-Seo and Do-Han, as she is the one who escorts him home. The next day, Do-Han presents her with a gift, perfume. In a previous episode, he made a comment how she smelled, and used it as an excuse for the gift. I know Do-Han is engaged, but hope he ends up with Yoon-Seo…

Yoon-Seo confronts confronts Shi-On, who still is visiting the premature baby in NICU, which stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He says he is not a robot, and can feel. And he feels like the baby is a fighter, and wants to live. This prompts Yoon-Seo to visit the child for the first time. On the flip side, Il-Kyu eggs Do-Han on, saying how Jae-Joon said Do-Han didn’t want to patient because he didn’t want to chance a failure. Of course, this all causes the group to decide to do the surgery, even against the wishes of the other doctor. One thing that Korean and other Asian cultures have that I believe the American system is lacking is respect. Because of these actions, the other doctor, Jae-Joon calls for Justice committee, feeling he was disrespected.

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It seems Hyun-Tae has his own agenda, and as Hyuk-Pil, and Choong-Man celebrate, he leaves, going to hit some baseballs. He then makes a phone call, talking about keeping hitters and runners, and a new rookie. I am sure he is referring to the staff, but not 100% whose side he is on. The Justice Committee begins, and again, it’s odd, how Do-Han will protect Shi-On. By doing the surgery, to Pediatrics will have a funds cut, and Do-Han will be on suspension for 3 months. Sadly, or luckily, the baby starts crashing, causing the meeting to come to a halt. The surgery goes remarkably well, removing the parts of the intestine which was dying. Shi-On stops Do-Han from sealing up the child, claiming he saw leakage in the kidneys. Do-Han checks, and bile is gathering outside the organ, which is bad, and can lead to infection. When Yoon-Seo asks for a treatment, Do-Han says there is none… and that’s the end of the episode.


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Makes sense how I binge watched the entire series? They have amazing cliff hangers and episode beginnings, really drawing you in and making you ask what happened next. I love and hate it at the same time. Well, until next week, I will try not to watch the series again, and take it one episode at a time. Until then, stay shiny!