Welcome back to Fear the Walking Dead Season 2B. I am not sure how much of a fast forward we have here for this episode. Nick seemed to be held up with a mom and son, who were held up at a house of a former friend they knew. The mother and son pair decides to head off to look for the boys father, while giving Nick some direction on where to go. He heads towards Tijuana over 100 miles away with  a backpack and a gallon of water and his feet.

We see our first flashback with Nick and his girlfriend at the time talking about Rehab. They are talking about the three months he has to stay, and geting to the root of some problems that he has with his dad. He says that his dad is always tired, he came home from work and was to tired to eat dinner with everyone and would just go to his room. If I spoke to him he would listen but I know he wouldn’t hear me.

Nick keeps on walking, and eventually ends up in an open area building. This of course is a horrible place to be held up in, and he has lit a fire. He ends up passing out in the open area and woken up to a lady trying to hit a triple on him with a baseball bat. The lady is with her, my assumption, daughter and wants to protect the area. She continues to pelt on Nick, who needs to learn some Spanish, he apologizes and tries to get his back pack and water but can’t stop the bat onslaught and just ends up leaving his gear behind.

He wanders along until he ends up at a traffic jam. Nick does some looking around and finds a radio. He also finds someone who is still alive in the front seat of the car somehow that wasn’t bitten as his window was down. Some bandits come along, bash a shambling walker. They come up on the live one and kill him. The radio that Nick found, who was hiding behind some cars, starts to make noise and alerts the bandits. They hear and take some gun shots towards Nick. They of course missed and Nick ran away, a short time later he comes up on a cactus and is smart enough to know that he can get water from the cactus and……at this point Comcast goes out so we are left in the dark until we see another Nick flashback in a drug rehab room with his mom. So in the meantime I’m sure we missed a fight with a dragon and an Elvis impersonator, well I don’t know what you have a flashback of when you are on drugs.

Jumping to current time we don’t know who let the dogs out but we know they want some sweet sweet Nick leg bone. Nick ends up with a dog bite on his leg as he ends up on top of a long since abonded VW type bus. All the noise attracts a walker herd and the dogs pounce on some walkers trying to eat them. That obviously doesn’t go over well at all and the walkers instead start eating the dogs. After they have a doggie meal they head over towards Nick, but the loud obnoxious bandits start driving around honking their horns and shooting guns. This momentary distraction gives Nick time to eat some dog, and take a belt off of a downed walker that heads towards him on its stomach who in turn uses it to pinch off his leg injury. He catches up to the herd to walk and blend in.

The walker herd catches up to the bandits, who let’s face it are absolute morons. What is the point trying to mow down walkers at a close distance, without cover, or moving back for an advantage with a buffer, or staying on the jeep, or reloading or having the person with the least amount of shots up front? These were two of the most senseless deaths in the whole Walking Dead world if at all.


I can go on, you deserve it shit bag. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead AMC


A group led by Luciana happens to be on the side of the road watching for something or someone. They see Nick is human and in pain, they say it’s not him, we have no idea who “him” is. The two guys want to help Nick, and Luciana was hesitant. Which leads to another flashback to the day in the church with Gloria they are up to no good. Flash to current time again and Nick is waking up on the road where he passed out thanks to rain.

After commercial we fast forward again, Nick is stumbling towards the city he searches the pharmacy looking for medicine and comes up empty. He continues on and ends up in a barbershop getting some duct tape for his leg. Luciana and the guys end up finding him and trying the best they can to communicate with each other. He follows to their home base to meet a doctor, again it would be a good thing for Nick if he was to pick up more Spanish besides perro and agua.

Luciana and friends home station is a cross between a Sunday swap meet, with a children’s playground, with a tall lookout tower with a hospital station. They have walls, a lookout, kids playing, and food booths, I instantly saw a torta booth and got extremely hungry. He seems happy for the first time in a long time. By leaving his first group, it appears he has lucked out, this place is also elevated on a hill and is away from the main part of the city. I enjoyed following one entire story line for an episode, which was something I wasn’t always a fan of with the regular show, however I think it has to do with the fact I can actually stand and like Nick. Next week it appears we hit back with the rest of the regular cast, in town in a hospital, and it looks like it doesn’t go well for them. Soon we find out!