This one was a long time coming. Welcome to Overwatch Tips. We’ll be going over the meta powerhouse (and my favorite hero) D.Va! With the mix of mobility, lots of health, and a whole lot of firepower, what’s not to love? She’s great for beginners and for the pros. Without further a do, let’s get into it.

Defense Matrix

Not too long ago, D.Va was given a nerf for her defense matrix duration and charge time. Some players started to not pick D.Va as much but that is a grave mistake. Sure you don’t have as much up time eating enemy fire and ultimates, but with the right timing you can succeed. Good situational awareness like “Tracer sure hasn’t ulted is a while” and if you look out for that you will probably end up eliminating their ultimate. Also try not to just keep your defense matrix up to catch stray bullets. Try to keep it in your pocket in case of ultimates and if an ally is taking heavy fire. If you’re really pro, when your ally gets hooked by an enemy Roadhog, put your matrix up to absorb that initial shot he will take after his hook giving time for your team to escape his clutches.


D.Va’s jetpack is an essential part of her kit. It gives her that mobility to stay viable in the meta. And also has low recharge time. Something some people might not know is the boosters can do damage, so if you’re in a pickle, you can try to ram the opposing forces and even potentially boop them off the edge! Also a new feature is you are able to shoot while you cruise now which does help taking out Pharahs high in the sky.

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Baby D.Va

So you’ve been taking enough damage to where your mech has been destroyed. Do you just give up and die? No way! You can still deal out some massive hits and gain that mech back in no time! I find if you stay in the back line and try to lead some shots with her pistol and get some lucky headshots, you can get your mech back in no time. Just be wary of your very low health and limited kit.

Self Destruct

As powerful as D.Va’s ultimate can be, it’s been long enough to where people are awake how to get away from it and can predict when you might be using it. To counteract that, you have to go for the super cheeky spots and use it unpredictably. To do this, make sure the enemy team is where you think they are. You can use your jetpack to get higher and survey the enemy team. And once you find a couple of spots on each map that ideal for ulting, it will be no problem getting a team wipe! Bonus tip: Always make sure you take down enemy shields before ulting to maximize the effect of your ult.


D.Va is a very well rounded player and can be used in most situations, but something you must look out for are heroes who can shoot through your defense matrix like Mei, Zarya, Winston, Moira, and Symmetra. You won’t get completely annihilated by them no, but the fight doesn’t tip all the way into your favor so try to bait them into a 2v1 match up with your teammate so you get some back up.

She is a very fun character to play and a strong meta hero. Almost essential in most situations and can help greatly through out the fight. Your team will be very appreciative if you can master her. Hope these tips helped you on the way to mastering D.Va. Until next time!