Its pronounced chiock. A beautifully hand animated game about a “princess” maneuvering her way around her seized castle, taken by the evil wizard. This game was the result of a successful kick-starter and delivered a beautiful hand animated game that became one of the highlights for the indie community last year with it’s release in November.

This will be a review for “Tsioque” so do be aware that this game contains spoilers and with that being said let us take a closer look into this unique world.

TSIOQUE (Screen 2)

Photo Source: TSIOQUE – OhNoo Studio, Smile (Developer) – OhNoo Studio (Publisher)

The games price is around fourteen dollars currently on steam and is supported on windows and macOS. With that information in mind, the price is somewhat reasonable for the amount of game-play the player is offered (a rough approximate being three to four hours). The game appeared to be well received by players, often gaining high marks according to a variety of individuals.

The point and click adventure game utilized 2D animations and hand drawn backgrounds that gave it special character. The art was probably the most valuable asset the game had as it really built the environment so well to the point that players were completely invested in exploring. According sources, the game was inspired by multiple classics such as “Day of the Tentacle”, “Indiana Jones” and etc.

TSIOQUE (Screen 3)

Photo Source: TSIOQUE – OhNoo Studio, Smile (Developer) – OhNoo Studio (Publisher)

The puzzles placed throughout the game did not appear to difficult so this could be a game for most skill levels. We thought the hardest parts were the quick time events as they felt random or unexpected. Consequently, this game seems easy enough that most audiences would enjoy it but do keep in mind that there are difficult parts to it they may lead to frustration.

TSIOQUE (Screen 1)

Photo Source: TSIOQUE – OhNoo Studio, Smile (Developer) – OhNoo Studio (Publisher)

The ending, while simple, was very satisfying. The plot twist proved to be truly endearing as it turns out our fearless little warrior princess was just an ordinary little girl playing. We see the world she built for us was an illusion the entire time and the story ends with the family coming together after a hard day. While this ending was not  exciting/ mysterious as the rest of the game, we felt it satisfied viewers adequately (which is important).

As a result of all these factors, we would say that this game is a positive experience for an indie game appreciator.

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