Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Charlie Kaufman has become one of the best screen writers of the last 20 years. From Being John Malkovich to Anomalisa, he has unique of conveying human emotions in quirky entertaining movies. He has officially signed on to write and direct an adaptation of  Iain Reid’s novel I’m Thinking of Ending Things for Netflix. The plot reads like this:
“The story follows Jake on a road trip to meet his parents on their secluded farm with his girlfriend who is thinking of ending things. When Jake makes an unexpected detour, leaving her stranded, a twisted mix of palpable tension, psychological frailty, and sheer terror ensues.”

Having just finished the book last week, I can’t wait to see what Kaufman does with this story. Working with Netflix will give him the creative freedom the project needs. It’s perfect merge of director and material.