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So this week we have drama! Hyde and the Evil Queen are working together and, Gold is doing his best to protect Belle. By doing the completely wrong thing. As usual. And Gold cuts his hair. I am way too used to the long hair. I don’t like this new look. Gold, magically grow your hair back please!

Snow goes back to work at the school, and has a new teaching assistant. It’s totally not obvious right from the start who she is!

  • Previously: Drama. Jekyll and Hyde. Rumbelle.
  • Gold has cut his hair? I don’t like it!
  • Hyde and the Queen are cackling. Because Hyde can’t be killed? What?
  • What does Hyde want with the necklace?
  • Yup. Saw that coming
  • David has made a LOT of pancakes
  • Regina what’s going on?
  • Jekyll is SO cute
  • Times like this, I wish I knew the stories better
  • Lydgate has got a point
  • Jekyll do NOT listen to Rumple
  • Naw Hook!
  • Belle has a point, Gold
  • Snow has a new friend!
  • She’s going to be Jasmine, isn’t she
  • Grumpy don’t be mean to Jekyll!!
  • So this is Hyde… before everything happened
  • Smoooooooooooth Hyde
  • Grumpy do something!
  • Or… not
  • I don’t know whether I want to hug Jekyll or Hyde
  • I really hope this teaching thing works for Snow
  • I can’t get over Gold’s short hair
  • Jekyll can’t remember the Hyde stuff? This is… not going to be good
  • Don’t drink more of the serum
  • No! Jekyll’s stuff!
  • Gold, don’t be such an arse
  • I don’t trust Gold. And neither does Regina
  • Give Jekyll his heart back! This isn’t going to go well!
  • Don’t throw peoples hearts around!!
  • Rum does not solve all problems!
  • And Jekyll goes to Hook and Belle for help?
  • I love Jekyll but….
  • And the girl Jekyll loves is attracted to Hyde. Oh dear
  • David is being weird about Emma and Hook
  • So the serum… wasn’t the serum. And now it’s gone. Glorious
  • And Hyde has Rumple’s dagger
  • Using archery to teach physics. I like it
  • What is Hyde planning!!
  • Jekyll has woken up next to Mary. After she slept with Hyde.
  • Jekyll stop!!
  • He is definitely mad
  • And of course Belle stabs him
  • So Hyde is actually… kinda sweet. And Jekyll is insane. I like it
  • Yay Killian!
  • So I guessed that to kill Hyde you had to kill Jekyll. But I didn’t want it to happen 🙁
  • I liked Jekyll!! Now I don’t get my Science Bros!!
  • But you’re a different person now, Regina. You overcame the darkness even with the Evil Queen in you
  • Gold you need to stop this with Belle
  • Rumple sees Hyde as an experiment. And that his love for Mary means it failed
  • Tell us why, Rumple!
  • Gold you need to just… stop. I love you two but you need to let Belle live her own life
  • That sounds like a threat. And that won’t help with Belle
  • She isn’t going to love you!!
  • I really like the whole Teacher!Snow thing
  • Yeah not much of a reveal. I guess that right at the beginning

I really… didn’t enjoy this episode. Okay, I did for the most part but the part with Jekyll going insane and attacking Belle just… didn’t have enough premeditation. I’m all for dramatic twists but it wasn’t dramatic. And it was dealt with way too quickly. Jekyll was nice and sweet, went on the Jolly Roger, went mad and then was instantly killed. They developed Jekyll and Hyde as brilliantly complex and likeable characters and then killed them way too fast with no real emotional payoff. I just would have liked more of them. And some actual Science Bros content. Frankenstein had a tiny cameo in the last episode and even though they’re using his lab, he just wasn’t there at all. It just seemed very… bitty overall.

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