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Well, well, well…its officially Valentine’s Day. It seems like it is a day to drive people to be stupidly in love or raging lunatics. This has to be my favorite episode thus far. Chim comes back, Abby and Buck go on a date, and Athena is no longer benched. So, can I just be Abby for about 30 mins? But hooray Chim is back and the station is throwing him a party. With a lovely cake to boot. Everyone is invited and all Chim can think about is how he got dumped and Buck ends up with the hot cougar Abby, teehee! While at the party, Hen rolls up and asks Buck where he is taking Abby for Valentine’s but they didn’t actually make plans. Saying they are just casual friends. But Hen ain’t buying it and they end up with plans to go out.

But, first a wedding proposal gone wrong. I would have been mad too. Boyfriend takes girlfriend flying after getting his pilots license and scares her to death by pretending the plane is going down so he can propose. Instead, it has the opposite effect, she goes into what he believes is cardiac arrest and has to make an emergency landing. And once again Abby to the rescue, who has called the woman’s doctor after learning she takes a thyroid medicine and she didn’t actually have a heart attack. After coming too the woman tells her boyfriend yes. One day it will be a funny story?

Athena, as we know has a gay husband now, decides to work a double shift on V-day to keep her mind off romance. She responds to a call at the house of a woman who she makes friends with. Little does she know the woman is crazy and has tied her boyfriend up for cheating on her. While on the call, Athena notices scars from an apparent suicide attempt and leaves her card with the woman in case she is feeling blue. But, when the lady calls her back she is just thanking her. Athena asks to use the restroom before she goes and she notices blood in the shower and goes investigating around her house. She finds the boyfriend dead, chopped up and super glued back together. This crazy lady captures Athena and ties her up telling her she is gonna put her heart in her boyfriend to make him a better person. She then learns that madam psycho has another person locked up downstairs. She tries to talk her out of killing her but the chick ain’t having it. Suddenly a knock on the door distracts her and Athena is able to break free and subdue the woman. However, its female number 3 at the door and she learns the madam psycho has killed prince charming. More like Humpty Dumpty, cause all the kings horses couldn’t put him back together again and Dr Frankenstein ain’t available for consultation!

Abby and Buck’s date is going well and they are flirting with each other and the chemistry is awesome but then he chokes on some bread and passes out. Abby has to do an emergency tracheotomy in the restaurant because the Heimlich did not work. And their date ends at the hospital with Bobby keeping Abby company while watching over Buck. The show closes with Athena coming home after a long shift to cookies and wine and a card from her kids and soon to be ex-husband, I believe. I don’t know. He done found him a man but they staying married. I am waiting to see a bit more of where that will go.  She needs a divorce because she is just hanging on for no reason.