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Episode synopsis:

When Chloe and Lucifer’s investigation into the murder of a diamond thief points to one of Ella’s brothers as the main suspect, Ella is driven to prove her brother’s innocence and recruits an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Linda is upset when Charlotte comes to her for help and Detective Pierce hashes out his issues with Amenadiel. – Fox

“My Brother’s Keeper” opens with Ella calling her brother and probably almost getting him killed. Looks like he is into some shady things involving gangsters and diamonds and they don’t like to see one of their guys getting a call from the LAPD.

Lucifer thinks the way to killing Pierce is to understand the mark of Cain. Lucifer’s research has consisted of watching the Da Vinci Code and its sequels. Pierce isn’t satisfied with Lucifer’s research and suggests they find someone who might know more. Amenadiel.

Ella (or Ellen as Maze calls her) makes a visit to Chloe’s residence and much to mine and Maze’s surprise, she’s looking for Maze. Her brother, Jay is missing and she wants Maze’s help.

Amenadiel said no. God wanted the curse on Cain for a good reason, why should he remove it?

Maze tracked Ella’s brother to the gangster looking compound from the beginning. Maze seems to think he was into some sketchy stuff but Ella promises that he authenticates diamonds and is legit. Instead of her brother they find a dead body.

Decker and Lucy are on the case now. According to Ella’s expertise the victim was shot by a left-handed person and Jay is a righty so he did not commit the crime. Lucy thinks it was still Jay.

Charlotte is trying her hand at therapy. Lucifer recommended someone who was able to help him. Linda is clearly shaken by her and tells her to leave.

The victim is Fahrid Nasser and he’s an international diamond salesman. He’s a bit shady, a shop where he was a broker was robbed and a diamond from there was found at the crime scene.

Looks like the heist was an inside job so Lucy and Decker go undercover as an engaged couple to flush out the accomplice. It worked and it was the owner of the store, Tiffany James.

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The robbery was for insurance money. Fahrid was supposed to clean the diamonds and then sell them back.

Maze tracked Jay to a hotel in a shady part of town much to Ella’s protesting.

With Fahrid cleared and after talking to a diamond claims adjuster with a sense of style all evidence points to Jay for Decker and Dan.

Ella and Maze are greeted by Jay with a baseball bat.

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Pierce tries his hand at getting Amenadiel’s help. Holy poopsicle, Amenadiel was the one who marked Cain. With a gun pointed at Amenadiel, Pierce demands he tells him how to get the mark off.

Jay claims to have been hired by Fahrid to authenticate some diamonds. While at the job Jay had to pee and when he came back Fahrid was dead so he booked.

Meanwhile Decker and Dan think Jay is the killer and call Ella to find out if she’s found him. She lies and tells Decker no. Decker and Dan know she’s lying.

Amenadiel claims to be just the messenger who doesn’t know anything about the mark. Satisfied with knowing the mark is from him, Pierce initiates a beat down. The fight slows with Amenadiel shooting him and killing Pierce for a moment.

Apparently, Jay saw the killer but he was wearing a ski-mask and all black, the only distinguishing feature was his red wingtip shoes. Jay’s story doesn’t add up when Ella discovers his vantage point from the bathroom doesn’t exist. Once Maze finds Fahrid’s stash room, Decker and Lucifer join the party.

Jay comes clean, just this one time he was cleaning the diamonds. He pulls a gun out and with Ella’s distraction he gets away. With the whole police force thinking him a killer, Ella asks Maze to help her get to him before the police. Maze declines and Ella begins to doubt Jay’s innocence.

Looks like Jay may not have been lying about seeing the killer, there’s a camera in the stash room. With the mention of the wingtips, Decker has an idea who the killer might be. The diamond claims adjuster.

Jay has beat them to him and is threatening him with a gun to confess. He outsmarts Jay and flips the gun on him. Jay is dead once the diamonds are cleaned.

Amenadiel and Pierce are still fighting. I have to wonder how many times Pierce has died by now.

Decker, Ella, and Lucifer arrive at the adjusters. Lucy and Decker head inside and tell Ella to stay outside. While they’re inside the adjuster and Jay slip out. Ella intervenes and she gets tangled up in the mess. With Ella in danger, Maze gets the adjustor with a throwing knife and ghosts out like Swayze. The case is closed but the diamonds are still missing.

After Lucifer explained to Linda the Charlotte situation, Linda goes to apologize to Charlotte and welcomes her back for a session.

Lucifer catches Jay returning to the crime scene to retrieve the diamonds. Jay gets the fear of the devil in him and they promise to keep this their little secret.

After everything Amenadiel will not help.

Lucifer will return in three weeks after the Olympics.

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