Good Day and Good Evening. Welcome to our weekly episode of The Resident. Let’s jump right in. Well, before that, let me mention The Resident will be going off the air for 3 weeks and will return February 26th, at its usual time.

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It seems the backlash of Louisa’s surgery has always reflecting on the team, as there is a new ER Nurse. She is a bit of an air head, but suddenly, on onset of patients sends her in a panic. She is trying to triage them as best she can, but it is her first day. One patient walks in with a headache, and she asks him to wait. While he is waiting, he slips away. Devon spots him, and realizes he is crashing, and tries to bring him back. Sadly, it is too late, hemorrhage of the brain. Using the wallet they found beside him, they assume his identity is Ian, and when his father calls, delivers the bad news. Luckily, it’s not Ian, but who he clearly weighs heavily on Conrad’s mind.


Another patient, around 80, named Sherlie Harris, has gallbladder cancer. It turns out her boyfriend of 6 months was going to propose, Howie Green. They consider leaving the hospital, to go to Kitty Hawk, where their love of Aviation flushed. Luckily, Devon is a smart man and talks them into marrying at the hospital. Irving Feldman is still my absolute favorite character in the series and makes me smile week end and out. This week, as Conrad and Devon watch as witnesses, he marries Sherlie and Howie. Conrad is shocked Irving is a licensed minister but finds it more believable his vows included tons of airplane puns.

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We see Mina and Nic bumping heads with their superiors today, Mina not used to being an assistant, and Nic having issues getting Lily’s files from Dr. Hunter. Irving pops in with a line, calling Mina a badass, before her superior benches her for doing surgery unsupervised. Irving asked why she didn’t argue with her getting benched, the surgery was flawless, and her reply is why Mina is my second favorite, “So I can cut tomorrow.” On the flip side, Nic doesn’t take Dr. Hunter’s blase reaction to Nic’s concern about the files well. She drives down to the clinic to get a copy of the file personally, coming across an old classmate. They plan to get drinks. Later, at the bar, we see Nic asking questions, and her friend is reluctant to answer, even leaving early to avoid the probing questions.

Conrad is doing all he can to keep the newly located Ian alive. Even realized a calcium deficiency was about to cause seizures. Luckily, he is perfectly fine, and we see Ian and his father talking in a room. Well, the father is talking, the son had an obstructed airway, so just merely waves. They find a phone, and Conrad recognizes the man as his John Doe, and calls the mother, to explain he son passes away. It’s sad, but at least she has closure.

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Dr. Bell returns, having been playing golf for a bit, and seriously, what is with golfing and doctors? Anyways, Dr. Bell will be performing the surgery on Sherlie, to remove gallbladder, cancer, and get her on her honeymoon. Both Conrad and Devon are apprehensive, and Conrad spoke with Dr. Hunter, hoping to talk her into maybe considering a different doctor. He talks with Mina, hoping she can talk Bell into unbenching her, but he thinks she oversteps her bounds, before sending her home. I gotta agree with Conrad, Dr. Bell is not the greatest of doctors lately, but luckily, in this case, the surgery goes well. I am sure, in later episodes, his shaking will cause complications, but Dr. Hunter now knows of Conrad’s unrest with Dr. Bell, and might pay more attention. We won’t know until later this month. For now, I hope you all have a great 21 days, and are excited for the return of The Resident February 26th. Until then, Stay Shiny!