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Jack's intimacy issues are challenged by a closeted boyfriend; Will and Grace sell their new line of bedding on live television.
Will & Grace - Season 1
Chris Haston / NBC

Last week’s Will & Grace had two very distinct storylines that kept the gang split up through the entire episode.

Jack & Karen

  • Jack & Karen are still pretending to be married while Jack has an affair with the married closeted cop
  • I hate this storyline and I will keep repeating that until it ends
  • They’re hanging out in his basement & “watching the game” and totally deceiving the poor wife
  • In the end Karen walks in and has a memory of her mom cheating on her dad, forcing her to reveal the whole thing & out the cope…and Jack
  • Turns out, the wife knew all along and just wanted her cop husband to be happy, so they part in a mature amicable way and everyone gets to live life as their authentic self so yay!

Will & Grace

  • They get a chance to sell the Grace Adler line of linens on QVC!
  • Instead of working together and celebrating, they immediately start fighting over who gets to be on TV
  • Obviously they each think they’re the best party for the job
  • Will thinks Grace is too emotional and Grace thinks Will is too corporate
  • On the day of the show, Grace is the one that goes on camera, with Will in her ear giving her the facts.
  • He talks too fast and confuses the shit out of her, causing her to glitch and break down.
  • Will then crashes the segment and they start fighting, making up, having a deep heart to heart, and going through all the feelings
  • They think that they’re off camera but actually the QVC audience was loving their drama so they were on for the whole hour AND they sold out of the linens so it was a win-win in the end.

Will & Grace returns to NBC on March 1st

Will & Grace - Season 1
Chris Haston / NBC

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