Episode Synopsis:

A new job puts Taystee close to Caputo. Lorna has to get creative in her marriage. Soso and Poussey deal with some awkward truths.

The Inmates:

Marriage Problems-

We finally see Lorna and Vince reunite, and it was quite a reunion. First off, Taystee and Crazy Eyes made Lorna believe that Vince might be cheating on her, but she’s convinced that he’s not. Just to make sure, she gives him a call and finds out that he lives with his parents. Poor Vince is embarrassed, but surprisingly, Lorna is ok with it. Later in the episode, we see that Vince has come to visit Lorna, and they talk more about him living with his parents. But things turn crazy, when they start talking dirty to each other. It was actually quite a humorous scene because they were practically going at it in front of everyone. I sense a theme between them because after they got married, they also went at it against a soda machine in front of people, near the visitor center. I was glad that Vince finally visited Lorna again because I was kind of getting annoyed, like the rest of the inmates, that she would keep on talking about him 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like the two together, because they’re actually making their relationship last, even with one of them in prison, but I hope their love continues.

Caputo’s new assistant-

In the beginning of the episode, Taystee gets called to Caputo’s office, and finds out that he wants her to be his assistant. They take a walk over to the houses in the woods, that are being refurbished for the new guards coming in, and Taystee starts acting like she’s slightly above everyone else because she’s with Caputo and taking notes on a clipboard. She even got yelled at by Piscatella because she talked back to him and gave him advice about something him and Caputo were talking about. As she walks away, she even starts telling other inmates what to do. Back at Caputo’s office, Taystee mans the phones and does a terrible job. She tells Caputo about his missed calls, and thinks a lady might have called him about a date. Caputo thinks maybe it was Linda who called him, so he has Taystee put her on the line. There’s a little mix up, but he ends up talking to the Linda from the meeting he had in the last episode. They hit it off so well, that they decide to go on a date. Later at the cafeteria, Taystee finds out that her friends are jealous of her and her new job. They think she’s getting all these perks. I think this might get Taystee in a little bit if trouble because since she’s working for Caputo now, she might start getting some requests to steal some things from his office or get special requests. That night, Caputo and Linda go on their date and at the restaurant, Caputo sees that one of the former guards is working as a bus boy. Things get a little tense when Caputo gives the ex-guard some extra money, but refuses to take it.

Dead body (cont.)-

Lolly is still freaking out about the dead body in the garden, and gets Alex’s attention. Alex tries to calm her down by telling her that the guard was a bad man and that killing him was the right thing to do. Later on in the day, Lolly, Janae and Cindy see a drone flying around and that immediately triggers Lolly’s anxiety. She thinks the feds are after her because of the body and goes over to the garden and starts digging. Thankfully, Alex runs over there and Frieda tells them that she already moved the body. This makes Lolly feel a little better, so she wanders off and Frieda tells Alex that she actually didn’t move the body at all. Also, that they’ll probably have to kill Lolly because of her mania. I wonder if this dead body stuff will continue throughout the season and then eventually someone will find it or if Frieda and Alex actually go through with killing Lolly. That would be interesting. Also, I want to know where that drone came from and why its spying on the inmates.

Hate Triangle-

Healy shows Judy the garden and Red gets super mad about it because she sees that Judy is taking some of the produce without asking. When they are outside again, Red sees that Judy is yet again, grabbing more produce and she goes over there to talk to her. Things get heated between the two and there’s instant revenge beaming from Red’s eyes. Red later finds Healy waiting in a hallway and we find out that there is hate between them too because of what happened last season. They kissed, but apparently had to break it off because Healy is Red’s superior. To get back at Judy, Red decides to put laxatives in Judy’s food. I think this will be a fun little revengeful back and forth between Red and Judy. They’re kind of polar opposites of each other, but I can’t wait to see how Judy fights back. The claws will really come out.

Panty Business-

Piper is still continuing her shenanigans and trying to seem mysterious. Apparently her panty business is still up and running, but some of the other inmates want out. Queue Maria into the picture. She wants to be part of the business by having some of her girls help Piper out. Of course Piper refuses and pisses Maria off. As a result, Maria has her girls follow Piper and her bunkmate around. I’m pretty sure all of this isn’t going to end well. You can only be high and mighty for so long in a prison. We got to see a nice encounter between Piper and Alex, which I missed. And it was nice to see Piper be normal for a minute. She revealed that things weren’t really going well for her and I liked that she said that because her egotistical personality is pretty much a cover.

New Relationships-

We find out that Poussey and Soso are defining their relationship as being happy. We also find out that Poussey freaks out every time she sees Judy. Flashback: We see Soso arguing with her ex-boyfriend and we learn that her and a bunch of other people are rallying together to stop big box chains from taking over. The group are practicing situations for when they ask for signatures door to door. Later, while Judy is in the garden, Soso comes up to her and tells her about why Poussey is nervous talking to her. She reveals that Poussey grew up poor and is intimidated by Judy because she is a rich white woman. Flashback: Soso walks up to this alleged pedophiles house and asks for his signature. He asks for her to come inside and after talking for a little bit, Soso finds out that the guy was wrongly accused of being a pedo because he had sex on a beach, it got videotaped and then rumors started about the incident. At the cafeteria, Judy invites Poussey to sit with her and they talk. While talking about the fact that Poussey can speak 3 languages, Judy throws in that she can’t believe Poussey learned multiple languages even though her mom is a crack whore, and that instantly throws Poussey off. She reveals that her mother is quite smart, but Judy remarks that Soso had told her the information. Flashback: Soso returns from getting signatures and tells her ex that she went to see the pedo and almost got violated by him, but she got his signature. I thought that was a nice little tie in that they first showed Soso lying to Judy and then flashbacked to her lying outside of prison. Later, Soso apologizes to Poussey for what she did, but Poussey doesn’t accept her apology. She tries again at another time and tells Poussey that she wants to get to know her and vise versa. Happily, things turn out alright and they start talking. I always like seeing what the inmates were like outside of prison and what got them into jail, and I like how in these flashbacks, we see more of Soso’s personality and how her lying might have had something to do with getting her into jail. I know she got in trouble for rallying, but we haven’t noticed until now that lying is part of who she is and she does it to manipulate people.