The highly anticipated game, Lies of P was released this week.

The third-person action-adventure game has been one of this year’s most anticipated games for many fans of the Soulsborne franchise. After the demo was released in June, more fans fell for the game, generating hype for the game’s release. 

Over the past few weeks, the official Lies of P YouTube channel released a series of videos highlighting the different types of weapons, abilities, and enemies players can encounter. 


The game takes from the 1883 children’s novel Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and spins it into a darker fantasy. Of course, the game has taken a few liberties with the story while keeping the spirit of the novel alive. The game has a morality system that shifts whenever P decides to lie. The law in this world dictates that puppets cannot lie. Therefore, every time P lies, something changes in him. What these changes are remains to be seen. Based on P’s choices, there are three potential endings to explore.


The world is your oyster when it comes to finding different ways to hack and slash your way through enemies. 

The game has never shied away from proudly wearing its Soulsborne influences in its design. However, the game improves on where Elden Ring missed the mark. Instead of giving the players a variety of useless renditions of the same weapons, Lies of P focuses on giving the player fewer weapons. However, these weapons can combine to create entirely new weapons to match a player’s preferred gameplay. Alongside the ability to mix and match weapon blades and handles, come the Legion Arms. Each Legion Arm comes with its own set of abilities that can serve as a shield, artillery, or elemental damage.

Taking a dagger handle and adding a greatsword blade may not be the wisest idea, but it makes for interesting gameplay. 

Enemy Design 

When I played the demo back in June, I believed that most of the enemies were going to be robots. However, after watching the gameplay showcasing the Lorenzini Arcade, robots became the least of my worries. The Lorenzini Arcade gameplay shows fights between P and what I can only describe as putrid humanoid abominations found in games like Resident Evil and Bloodborne. I love and welcome the nightmare fuel. 

However, in the Rosa Isabelle Street showcase, the Opera is the star of the showcase. The game design takes influence from the Belle Epoque in its architecture. In this area, not only do we find gorgeous architecture, but also horrifying clowns and an arachnid who looks like she belongs in Marie Antoinette’s court running the halls, ready to rip P apart.  

These videos created so much excitement for the game, and I, like many players, cannot wait to jump in and explore the story, updated combat system, and its full force of enemies that will have me crying into my remote at 3 a.m.. Lies of P is now available on PSN, Steam, and Xbox.