We’ve waited long for The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina to return with another season and now it’s time! As seen in the trailer of season 2 Sabrina is a new woman after signing her name in the book of beast at the end of season one. In this episode Sabrina debuts a new attitude and a cute new dark look. Zelda and Hilda was alarmed with her new desire to wear dark attitude, but this was just a way to amp up her new found level of confidence in herself. After reveling her half witch life to her social group, Sabrina decided to solely focus on her witch studies at the Academy. Sadly, the issues that she faced at her immortal school was the same as the ones that she faced at her mortal school. Nevertheless, Sabrina did not back down from anyone who threatened. I found that Father Blackwood was Sabrina’s biggest threat since he wanted her to be nothing more than a half-witch with half a brain.

On Sabrina’s first day back at the academy in a new year Father Blackwood announced his competition for “top boy”. Nick Scratch stepped up to the plate with no one to challenge him for the position, but Sabrina eventually rose to the occasion. As a former “top boy” Father Blackwood felt like a girl was unfit to be head of the academy. Sabrina fought against his wishes and agreed to challenge Nick for the spot. To be chosen as top boy the two had to compete in three competitions and Sabrina prepared to destroy the gender restrictions that the academy honored. With the help of the weird sisters and her aunt Hilda she was able to woo the students into believing in her. She even amazed Father Blackwood once again, but angered him when she and Nick worked together in the last challenge to expose him.  During her time alone, Sabrina was attacked by the three kings of hell and suspected that it was a warlock or Father Blackwood. When the two didn’t get a clear answer, Father Blackwood punished them and appointed Ambrose as the “top boy” even though he wasn’t officially a student of the academy. Throughout the episode I rooted Sabrina in high hopes that she would make Father Blackwood suffer at the sight of her success once again, but she failed. I loved the moments of girl power that was acted by Sabrina and the weird sisters. I also loved that Nick respects Sabrina enough to not exclude her from gentlemen activities and encourage her to go by the stupid gender restrictions. Nick defiantly has goo goo eyes for Sabrina, but her heart still beats for Harvey.  If the two eventually develop a romantic relationship, I would be for it.

While Sabrina dedicated her time to her witch studies Susie was also dealing with the harshness of gender restrictions in Baxter High. When Susie decided to try out for the basketball team with Harvey, she was bullied and the coach said that there will be no girls on his team. Luckily, Ms. Wardwell is now Principal. Wardwell and got the coach to agree to let her try out. It’s true that Susie is no basketball star, but she gave it her. Sabrina’s aunt Hilda was able to convince Sabrina to be there for Susie’s audition. Sabrina really shied away from the idea because she couldn’t deal with possibly hurting her friends when the dark lord calls her to do his bidding. At this point in the episode I became disappointed that Sabrina thought this way when she has always been a level headed girl. Even if the dark lord does call her to do his bidding, I don’t believe she would ever hurt her friend. Her heart isn’t that dark dammit.

Eventually Sabrina warmed up to the idea and used a spell on Susie to make a great basketball player. Her reaction was adorable, but I could tell she really missed her friends. Sabrina said that she wanted to be “top boy” because she believed that she could make the coven better, but maybe she should focus on the coven that is her mortal friends. I believe that she shouldn’t give up one of her lifestyles because both worlds need her. Because of her strength and courage, other witches will have the courage to challenge for “top boy”. I think Sabrina as well as the other high powers know how much of an impact she can make and that’s why they don’t want her to aim high. Sabrina declared her quest to be a priestess and it didn’t sit well with Father Blackwood neither did it with Ms. Wardwell. During the end of the episode, Ms.Wardwell summoned the dark lord to question his plans with Sabrina. I also noticed that Ros’s power of touch has grew stronger. When she touched Harvey, she had a vision of the both of them kissing in the hallway. This threw me off because if they do date it’s going to be pretty awkward for Sabrina, but you love who you love. I do believe that it will take awhile for Harvey to truly get over Sabrina, but the problem is Ros is there for him and Sabrina isn’t. I don’t like how Sabrina doesn’t  give her a explanation for her sudden departure, she just makes them feel abandoned which is selfish. If Ros and Harvey do become a thing, it’s only a matter of time before it puts a tear in their friendship.

This was a great episode to start off season 2 because Sabrina’s new look and attitude makes her an even bigger threat , which means more crazy adventures! Whatever is being tossed her way, Sabrina can and will conqueror it. I can tell this season will be revolutionary in the witch world thanks to Sabrina, but I fear what Father Blackwood and Ms. Wardwell will do to her if the dark lord continues to favor her over them. It was already said that Ms. Wardwell will groom her to be a higher power in the church of night, but she doesn’t want her spot to be taken by a teenage girl. As for Father Blackwood, I think he should focus on trying to be a real father because he is a raggedy parent. I didn’t like how he treated prudence like shit and assigns her to baby sit like that isn’t “his” child. I found it funny how the church noticed his new flame with Zelda but insisted that he couldn’t be in a serious relationship with her because of the church’s grief over Constance. We know that Father Blackwood didn’t care for Constance because he slept around with Zelda while she carried his children until her death. I know that they are witches and warlocks, but I think it’s very foul of Father Blackwood to play Zelda like booty call. Although, Zelda was stupid for sleeping with him in the first place, I liked how she put him in check for using her and promising her a spot as his top lady when he is really lying.

You guys, this episode was lit and I can’t wait to see more badass scenes of Sabrina.  I’m also looking forward to seeing how far will Sabrina’s relationship with Nick go you know because he’s hot! Hopefully her abscsence from baxter high won’t create drama with her friend which I have a feeling it will, but I would like to see her get back to living her mortal life as well. I’m also curious to see how well Ambrose will manage the school being the top boy since he wasn’t interest in the position in the first place. If this is Father Blackwood’s way of sticking it to Sabrina, it’s not gonna work because she scared the hell out of Ambrose before, I know she won’t have a problem doing it again. Let me know what you thought about the first episode of season 2 in the comments and share your questions. Thanks for reading  🙂