01 Feb, 2018.

Today, I got hit by something big!

This episode of TBBT!

As an aspiring novelist, it was painful to watch the way Leonard faces problems writing his first novel, I pretty much feel that I’m going to mess mine up, too.

(This is what my diary entries look like on most days. If I had one!)


This episode really reminds me of the days, I started my first novel. . .

. . . which is still in the ‘prologue section‘!

Leonard wants to write a murder mystery and he bases his protagonist on his own life – except he solves crimes! But, he starts to see the difficulties in one of his book characters as it progresses. What kind of difficulty? Well, I certainly want you to watch yourself. It’s amazing. That part is the heart of this episode and we have another great side story, which included Sheldon and Wil Wheaton.

Wil Wheaton apparently gets to be Professor Proton on the famous show and Sheldon is really irked by that – as usual. He wanted himself as Prof.Proton and he makes real fuss about it in the beginning. He then watches one episode on Amy’s request and he finds Howard as a guest on the show!  He gets even more mad at the situation. Soon, he realizes that he was overreacting to the whole situation and goes to Wil to apologize with hopes that he would also ask him to be on the show. But, Wil offers Amy a guest appearance instead. . . .

. . . This is when Sheldon changes himself.

Watch is for the ultimate fun and though it isn’t a jaw dropping (the murder mystery part), mind-boggling piece of comedy, you will be entertained, for sure.