In another week of Brian Michael Bendis news, we’re finally getting the first look into what the 17 year Marvel veteran will be bringing to the DC Universe this year. We all assumed he’d be handed something pretty large considering he left Marvel after almost two decades and I’d say that being given the reigns to the Last Son of Krypton is a pretty good reason.

We reported last week that Bendis would have his debut in the landmark Action Comics #1000 alongside Jim Lee and many others. Now we’re finding out that he’ll also be taking over the main Superman title as well as Action Comics. During the transition period he’ll have a weekly 6 issue miniseries that they’re calling Man of Steel with an impressive stable of artists including Ivan Reis, Evan Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes and Jason Fabok.

Bendis has stated that his intention isn’t to reboot the current Superman title but instead he’ll continue the current version but introduce a new villain that may have ties to the destruction of Krypton. Man of Steel will be released May 30th and once it wraps up, Bendis’ Superman run will it shelves on July 11th with Action Comics #1001 following shortly after on July 25th. His main Superman title will continue to showcase the Man of Tomorrow in an action packed series while Action Comics will focus more on the day to day of Clark Kent.

Along with this Superman news, Bendis is reportedly overseeing a new line of comics that will include established heroes as well as introduce some new once. His creator owned imprint JINXWORLD will also be making its way to DC with some new titles and old favorites returning.

We’re really excited to see where he takes Kal-El! Drop a comment below and tell us which Supes story you’re most excited for this year!