Image Source: Anita Blake Marvel Comics

Anita is up to her eyeballs in violence and death threats in The Killing Dance. Someone has taken a contract out on Anita and wants her dead pronto. They are willing to pay $500,000.00 to see the job done. Edward, a sorta friend of Anita was offered the contract and he refused. He calls Anita to meet up. He wants to protect her rather than kill her which is kind of a shocker.

Not only that, but things are coming to a head in Richard’s world. He must either kill or be killed to hold his clan together and save the lives and sanity of the werewolves he wants to protect. Anita has put her life on the line to protect Stephen and take the position in the pack as lupa, the Ulfric’s mate. Richard needs to be willing to kill Marcus, the pack’s current leader.

To add on even more pressure, Anita has agreed to try to heal Sabin. He is a master vampire that for love decided not to feed off the living. This caused an irreversible condition that has Sabin rotting away. He is losing control of his body and powers. Sabin’s human servant is also a necromancer and thinks if they combine powers they can save Sabin.

To stay safe, Anita takes cover in the Circus of the Damned. This puts Anita and Richard in the same space as Jean-Claude. Anita is dating both men. Living, even temporarily with both men puts a strain on Anita’s main relationship which is with Richard. Anita says she is ready to marry Richard. Richard wants her to see his wolf. Watch him transform.

How is Anita going to save Sabin? Will Richard finally kill Marcus? Can Anita accept Richard in all his forms or will she run to Jean-Claude?