Chapter Seventy-Two

Jane’s face=my current level of excitement (Photo: The CW)

Warning: if you’re still not here for Jafael you better close this post right now because you are going to find my level of excitement extremely annoying.

A WEEK LATER AND I’M STILL ON CLOUD NINE. Nothing but respect for MY president Jennie Snyder Urman and her writing team for doing such an amazing job with Jane and Rafael’s relationship. They do a great job with everything, but they’ve really outdone themselves with this ship. Slowly but surely (with Michael’s death a huge factor in this, RIP) Urman has built Jane and Rafael into fantastic co-parents and best friends. Rafael has been Jane’s primary support for her writing career, and Jane has literally brought Raf back from the brink of self-destruction a time or two. Now, with both of them in a good place—personally and with each other—they may finally have a chance at a successful relationship. The question here is…what kind of endgame couple gets set up halfway through season 4? Let’s hope the Jane writers are just breaking the tv romance mold, and not setting Jafael up for more heartbreak. Because I think MY heart will break!

Okay, I guess I should actually review Chapter 72 for you now…

After their seemingly magical kiss, Rafael was floating, but Jane was not. While he told his BFF Alba that it was the best kiss of his life, Jane told Xo that it was just “meh”. When Jane and Raf eventually talk about this issue, he assumes it was because her “head wasn’t in the game”. She brushed that off and just insisted the chemistry isn’t there anymore. Luckily, they had drama with Mateo to keep them occupied during this impasse. He’s starting Kindergarten! In a better school district than theirs because they’re using Ro and Xo’s address. After a disastrous play date, Jane, Rafael, and Mateo decide they can’t really handle the lying, and Rafael gets a studio apartment in that school district. This sends Jane over the moon…and opens her up to the idea of another kiss. Luckily, Rafael was ready with some slick and sexy pre-kiss moves. Moves that not only worked on Jane but all of the viewers, amirite?? It’s safe to assume that kiss wasn’t “meh” to either of them. The problem is…Mateo saw it. And thinks they’re getting married now. (Mateo=Me)

It’s hard to believe Rogelio de la Vega had never been to a therapy session before. You’d think he be all for talking about himself for hours. But in his first session with Xo, he’s very reluctant…until the therapist asks him about his mom. This cracks open the past for Ro and leads him to many #Rogelizations. Parents are the reason for all of our problems, basically. These #rogelizations also led to a breakthrough with Xo. They talked and talked and had the most romantic night ever. Thanks therapy! It’s even led Ro to give up acting for a year and be a stay-at-Home-Dad!

At the Marbella, Petra’s situation is getting worse by the minute. She is literally just stuck in an endless cycle of poor decisions, drama, and flat out bad luck. The latest: Anezka “attacked” her, so she pushed her off the balcony and killed her as “self defense”. I use quotations because it’s hard to know for sure what happened. Petra is a great character, but as I said before, she doesn’t make the best decisions. Her judgement is clouded by greed and pride. Now it seems she’s being played by her new defense attorney, Jane Ramos (played by Rosario Dawson). Who do we think she’s working for? Luisa? Rose? Magda??

Time will tell…