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Photo Source: The AV Club/Lucifer/Fox

Official episode synopsis:                                                                                                            When an ecstasy cook-turned-chemistry-teacher is found murdered in a cozy Los Angeles suburb, Lucifer and Pierce must go undercover to help track down the killer. Meanwhile, Maze has a newfound attraction for someone that she used to despise and Charlotte has a revelation. – Fox

“Til Death Do Us Part” opens with Lucy attempting to chainsaw Pierce. It’s quickly shut down by Pierce. Lucifer rattles off a bunch of suggestions and Pierce has already done them all. Back to the drawing board.

The crime scene, a suburban neighborhood. The victim, June Lee, a chemistry teacher, shoved in a wood chipper. Breaking Bad, gone wrong? No leads, everyone in the neighborhood loved her.

Lucy and Maze brainstorm how to kill Pierce. Lucy needs to find a loophole. To find one Lucy needs to get into his head to fully understand him. Of course, Pierce isn’t having any of it.

Decker is really, really happy Pierce is sticking around. She even asks for help on the case.

June Lee isn’t June Lee, she’s Sandra Chang who died 3 years ago. Lucy and Pierce are on the case.

Sandra has a rap sheet and used to run with a Korean gang, the Korean power. She was cooking K-pop, ecstasy.

Maze gets to know the “new” Charlotte. Pretty sure she is trying to bang Charlotte and Maze doesn’t even know why.

Obviously, Lucifer knows how to get the K-pop, his bartender. Apparently, Sandra stole the recipe from the gang, they put a hit out on her and her lab blew up before they could get her. I’m guessing she faked her death.

Next up, a karaoke bar. Lucifer handles the Korean Power situation. Lucy sends the leader of the gang to confess his crimes to Decker at the station, killing Sandra wasn’t one of them. Sandra even apologized to him about leaving and paid him back, he would never have killed her. He and his crew are willing to cooperate 100%. Lucifer just had to use a little devil magic and give him Sandra’s recipe.

Paid back the Korean Gang. Bought her house in cash. Only way to get all that cash has got to be drugs. So, Sandra was still cooking but for who and why kill her?

To find the answers, Lucifer and Pierce go undercover as a couple new to the neighborhood. Hilarity ensues as they meet the neighbors.

Speaking of couples, Charlotte and Dan are on a date. Maze forces herself into the date. Threesome? Dan and Maze are down.

Someone has been terrorizing the neighborhood with threatening notes, the Neighborhood Watchdog. Martha Stewart meets the Terminator. Could the Watchdog be the murderer?

Maze bails on the threesome after realizing she’s only attracted to Charlotte because of the scent of pain and sorrow on her, reminiscent of hell.

To get the Watchdog’s attention Lucy throws a stripper party in his front yard and uses power tools late at night.

It worked. The Watchdog is the husband of the neighbor who warned them of the Watchdog. Decker brings him down town for questioning. He was June aka Sandra’s best customer, so, he didn’t kill her. I’m calling it now it was his wife, jealous or something.

New plan for the new couple. A block party with a guestbook, to match handwriting to the threatening note. The couple has a real fight and Lucifer leaves. Pierce needs to see he cares, he just wants to kill him like he promised. Everything is smoothed over with a kiss.

The Watchdog Bryan freaks out when Lucifer tries to get his wife to sign. I was right, it was his wife. I was right again, she thought it was an affair.

Dan’s in it for the long run with Charlotte, her baggage and all.

Pierce sets Decker straight, he’s not interested. He totally is though.

Lucifer has figured it out. Pierce is afraid to let anyone be close to him. He doesn’t want to be alone. I say it’s proven by what he just did with Decker.

Pierce and Lucifer, friends. Alone together.

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