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S1 E2 – “Let Go”

So can I just say how I am totally and completely fangirling over Angela Bassett? Love her to death.

The episode begins with two guys, Chad and Devon,  at an amusement park getting ready to ride a roller coaster. Chad is a bit heavy set and deathly afraid of getting on the coaster. However, his Chad talks him into with a bit of peer pressure and girl pressure. In other words getting out of line would make them look like sissies. So, with a bit more coaxing he decides to ride the ride. When they get in the car the safety bar is pushed down but it is not secure but the attendant lets it go anyways. So the rides start and everything is ok, at first and then the bar comes a loose and Chad flies out and is killed instantly from the fall and Devon is hanging on for dear life.

Immediately the fire and rescue team head to the amusement park to save the people. As Buck is being lifted up the coaster they realize that it is not lined up correctly so, Bobby sends Buck to secure the man. As Buck gets closer he tells Devon to grab his hand and he is unable to and lets go. Buck is shocked and confused about why he would not just grab his hand and it is the first person that he has lost and he is taking it very hard. Bobby sends him to therapy and he ends up sleeping with his therapist and basically ruins the chance of getting help.

Buck even goes to Devon’s funeral and he ends up getting blamed for Devon dying because he failed to do his job. Abby calls him up to check on him and see how he is doing and he vents his frustrations to her and tells her he does not feel like a hero, he feels like he didn’t do his job and he can’t understand why he would just let go instead of grabbing his hand. He also vents to his coworkers during dinner and ask them how they handle not being able to save a person’s life. They each give him a bit of advice, but it is not until Athena shows up that he begins to see a light at the end of the tunnel. She runs it to him and tells him that it will happen and it is part of the job but it will be ok. He will take heed to her advice.

The rescue team is soon called out on another emergency and on the job Buck freezes up and questions his ability to successfully do his job. He tells Bobby how he tried out for the Navy Seals, but didn’t finish because he couldn’t become an emotionless robot.  Bobby has a heart to heart with Buck and tells him he understands what he is going through and that makes him human and that he wouldn’t want him any other way. It will enable him to be the best firefighter he can be and its ok to feel bad.

In the meantime and between time, Athena, having just found out her husband is gay, is arguing with said husband about coming out to their children. Which Athena is not to happy with, being that she hasn’t really had time to digest it herself. Yet and still Michael, all gas no breaks, tells the kids. May gets upset and shouts that she has enough problems to deal with so don’t go shouting it to the world.  BTW I would have never thought to yell at my parents because I would have been knocked into next week. Anywho the two parents just believe the outburst is the news and the fact that her parents may be getting a divorce. Athena argues with Michael and he tells her so heartbreaking facts about their relationship. And even though she tries to deny its clearly written all over her face.

Finally, Abby realizing she kinda like Buck, decides to ask him out on a date. He refuses but does so in a way that his refusal makes her happy. Saying she prefers the right kind of no over the wrong kind of yes. Gotta love Buck for taking responsibility for himself and knowing right now he couldn’t be a good man to her and he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Hooray for Buck, most men just try to get in where they fit in, no matter who they hurt, but he valued her and their friendship.

We end the show with Michael and Athena in therapy and some more harsh truths are brought out. One being that she is willing to stay in a sexless marriage and Michael having actually met and is seeing someone. Much to her dismay. Upon coming home, Athena asks her son where his sister is and when she enters her room she finds May on the floor unresponsive……….