Alright everyone, so this is by no means factual. I’m just running off of what the rumor mill is generating.

So rumor has it, that someone will die in Season 2, Gotham: Rise of the villains. With the premiere having laid out the general plans for Gotham, and Arkham Asylum’s biggest, baddest and hottest ( Lookin’ at you Erin Richards) free to roam, it comes as no surprise that deaths will happen. But an “unexpected surprise death?” now THAT is some juicy stuff.

First and foremost, I just want to point out that virtually any villain or villainess could be the person who kills, but I’m placing my hard earned Monopoly winnings on bombshell Barbara Kean as the murderess. Gotham season 1 left Barbara, Jim Gordon’s ex fiancé, teetering on the edge of sanity. She was kidnapped by “The Ogre,” A man who sought to find a woman just as murderous and insane as he was. He saw that in Barbara, and nudged her into brutally killing her own parents. This is something she later admits to Lee, Jim’s new gal, before swan-diving off of the deep end and trying to murder Lee as well.

Gotham season 2 opens with the fact that Barbara still isn’t all buddy-buddy with Lee, and leaves her a loving voicemail in which she tells Lee “I hope you die screaming, bitch.“

Now, sticking to the idea that Miss Kean is the murderer, the net questions to ask are: Who’s the victim, and why?

I’ll give you the why for, first. When Jim “Saved” Barbara from The Ogre, it ended with him lying dead on the floor, enjoying the breeze passing through that new bullethole in his head. Could it be, with The Ogre dead, Barbara feels as though her mentor, friend, and possibly lover was murdered? That’s what I think. I believe that the true target is James Cornelius Gordon. ( I don’t actually remember his middle name so I made one up.) Now then…this is going to go one of two ways: She COULD go after Lee and conform to the sickening love triangle that the writers are trying to force her into. Killing Lee would’ve definitely opened the door to Jim and Sarah Essen’s relationship, which would be true to the comics…but sadly thanks to episode two that couldn’t happen. There’s no real reason for Lee’s death to be honest. OR…she could follow down a more logical path. She COULD kill Harvey Bullock. You see…Harvey and Jim follow the three points crucial to any relationship. Especially a friendship. When Jim joined up with GCPD, Harvey mentored him and showed him the ropes, slowly befriended him, and eventually their bond became brotherly.