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Younger – The Gift Of The Maggie

"Younger" Ep. 405 (Airs 7/26, 10pm ET/PT)
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With Belinda Lacroix’s death last week, Empirical is scrambling to find a new author to take over her romance series and continue writing under her pen-name. Liza enlists the help of Mark from Ugly Betty and finds herself a Columbia professor who wants to blow up the genre, not focus on the happy endings and the perfect love, but show real love, and the pain it causes in it’s wake. At first, everyone is thrilled with this new perspective, because they’re all a little jaded and don’t believe in love (mostly Liza) but by the end of the episode, she comes around and tells Charles to not scrap the HEA (happily ever after) forever & he’s like duh I wasn’t going to, it’s good for business.

I think I’m allergic…to these women. – Diana

You might be asking yourself who inspired this change of heart in Liza, the answer is Josh! He goes to “Montana’s” studio and meets her mom (also Blair Waldorf’s mom) who proudly brags about her daughter’s appropriation art. Homegirl, whose name is actually AMY volunteers to work for all kinds of artists, then leaves them after a few months. Just like we saw her do with Maggie, she enchants them in such a way that they want to gift her one of their works. She then takes that piece, stencils the state of Montana over it, and sells it for 3x what the original author would’ve gotten. Her defense in all this: “Stevie Wonder didn’t get mad at Kanye for sampling his music.” Didn’t I tell you she was the worst.

After finding this out, Josh goes to Maggie and tells her everything because he is perfect and a good friend and did I mention perfect? Maggie then shows up to the show where Montana once again spits her infuriating and illogical defense and insults Maggie’s relevance as an artist. Mags then pulls out her switchblade and slices through the painting like the badass queen that she is & her & Liza strut out of the art gallery.

"Younger" Ep. 405 (Airs 7/26, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

When Liza runs into Josh outside, she thanks him for telling Maggie, and he brushes it off as what you do for your friends. Suddenly, Josh asks her why she kissed Charles that night; her answer is that she needed to blow things up, things were getting serious and she didn’t want him to settle for her or lose out on things like kids. She proceeds to say that she wants them to be in each other’s lives, that “there has to be a better ending to us than this” and tears are flying everywhere…mostly mine, but still. The art gallery drama lands Maggie in Vulture the next day, an article that Diana reads, realizes Maggie is Liza’s roommate, and tells Liza to set up a meeting.

Diana & Maggie are going to be in the same room! Imagine all the chunky jewelry, the cool outfits, the general badass-ness. We might not survive!

We can’t forget to talk about Kelsey & Zane. They have their second date where he mansplains cigar smoking to her and we learn that her mom was a single mom and her childhood wasn’t always easy so she had to be scrappy. He’s a very strong personality and it’s cool to see her stand her ground in all their conversations. At work, she’s still trying to sign one of his artists to Empirical. In fact, Lachlan shows up at the office one day, unbeknownst to Charles (who tells Kelsey she dropped the ball) but then in the meeting, Kelsey comes up with the revolutionary idea that the next spy novel hero could be a woman and Charles is like wow Kels you’re a shark. Kelsey tells Zane on their next date, as he’s cooking for her & he’s totally cool with it, says they were going to drop Lachlan anyway (oh god Lachlan is gonna be sucky and annoying and definitely going sexually harass Kelsey isn’t he)

“I’m a New Yorker, I always carry panties and a toothbrush in my purse” -Kelsey

"Younger" Ep. 405 (Airs 7/26, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

So Kelsey & Zane are good, Liza & Josh are good, Liza & Charles are sparking chemistry left and right, Diana & Maggie are going to meet, and a happy ending isn’t the worst thing to hope for…see you next week.

Younger airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TVLand

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