Hello and welcome to this addition of Overwatch Tips! Things are getting extra hot today as we will be going the high-flying and explosive hero himself, Junkrat. Not only is Junkrat a blast to play with, he is DEEP in the meta since his most recent buff. The ability to have two of his explosive mines makes it a hard time for an unsuspecting enemy.

Concussion Mines

This is Junkrat’s greatest weapon next to his normal grenade launcher. It can deal damage, act as a trip mine when paired with Junkrat’s trap, and it can also be used as means of escape. If you find that your team is losing a fight, you can use a mine to quickly propel yourself out of the point to group up with your teammates. Bonus Tip: If you are any other hero and you get trapped by a Junkrat trap, make sure to melee the ground as soon as possible. It will take out the concussion mine that might be at your feet.


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Total Mayhem

Junkrat’s total mayhem ability makes it to where when you are killed, you drop several grenades to prolong your deranged massacre. You can use your own death to your own advantage. If Zarya has put out a Graviton and has all the enemies all in one place, if you do not have your ultimate, you should just charge with all the fire power you got. Get as close as possible and if you die, the enemies will pay for it greatly.

Rip Tire

Junkrat’s ultimate is very good when you are sneaky with it and to be honest, going against it is very annoying. You can sneak past shields, enemies,and also climb up buildings and walls. So use the element of surprise when using the Rip Tire. Don’t just pop it and head to choke; take the paths less taken to make your way around and flank the enemy team.

Junkrat does not take that much skill to really get a hold of so while he is still a very good character, try your hands at him! He’s very fun and very satisfying to taste the tears of the enemy team. But do it quickly, because I can sense a nerf for our favorite Australian pyromaniac. Until then, cheers!