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Source: ABC Studios/Marvel Television. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson, Iain De Caestecker as Leopold Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons.

Picking up right where we left off at the end of last week’s episode, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson are escaping from the Lighthouse fighting pits The Crater. They don’t have much of a plan other than getting to Fitz’s spaceship, so they stop for Fitz to examine Daisy’s head wound. Suddenly, Kasius starts messing with Simmons’ ear implant, causing her pain, so Fitz extracts it while Daisy fights a passing Kree guard – the traditional way, as her power dampeners are still on. They escape just in time to watch Fitz’s spaceship blow up. Anyone have a plan B?

In his room, Kasius is mortified – the cut on his face will leave a permanent mark. He cannot tolerate anything less than perfection. His brother Faulnak questions what he intends to do to rectify this, and Kasius goes to send his bodyguard Sinara after them. Faulnak is unimpressed, and instead chooses to send his scary-looking bodyguard Maston-Dar instead. Later, Kasius tells Sinara that he needs to appease his brother because he’s the gatekeeper to their father, but she is still mad for throwing her in the The Crater against Daisy. He begs her to return to his side (which she thinks is unbecoming) and asks her to track down Daisy her own way – by getting into her head.

Fitz and the injured duo Daisy and Simmons make their way to the elevator and start to go up, to find their teammates Phil Coulson, “Mack” Mackenzie and “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez on a different floor. Suddenly, the power is cut by Maston-Dar. Daisy opens the hatch and Fitz boosts her through. Maston-Dar opens the elevator doors to find the three gone. He stops a couple passing by with carts of fruit and asks the man where the Destroyer of Worlds is. He doesn’t know. He slits his throat. He asks the woman the same thing, but notices the hatch is open.

On the barren wasteland we call Earth, Melinda May is being hunted by vrellnexians. One almost gets her when it is suddenly killed by a lone Kree. Oh, wait, that’s Enoch. He restores his pigment from blueface and tells her that he has killed three of these while looking for her, noting she is injured. She realizes he is the guy from the diner who sent them to the future. They are hit with a gravity storm, and the vrellnexians flee. Enoch notes that they ride gravity storms, but is unsure what they are fleeing from. Then he and May are caught with hooks by a mysterious wastelander.

As they take away Tess’ body, the Vicar announces that anyone hiding Flint will be executed. Meanwhile, Coulson, Yo-Yo, Mack and Flint try to come up with a battle plan. Flint is not okay with the fact that they are hunting people and killing them because of him. This is when Flint realizes Tess is gone, and demands to know where she is. No one will answer, and that is answer enough. He storms out and Mack leaves to talk with him.

Faulnak is playing with old Earth weapons; pistols, bayonets, the like. Him and Maston-Dar prefer to hunt humans with human weapons. His favorite is the knife – he likes the feel of blood rushing out. Kasius tells him he sounds like their father, and Faulnak tells him if he sounded more like his father, he wouldn’t be exiled. He reminds Kasius of why he is stuck in the Lighthouse – he and Sinara retreated in war instead of dying a hero. Kasius tries to convince his brother it was the smart thing to do, but Faulnak sees him as weak. He hands Kasius the pistol and leaves. Kasius seems to consider the possibilities.

Fitz, Daisy and Simmons make their way to a control room of sorts, with pipes and power grids and all that fun stuff. Then Fitz finds what is providing the Lighthouse with artificial gravity: Gravitonium.

So they didn’t forget about it! The dropped plot point from season one returns!

Before they can gawk too long, Maston-Dar rounds the corner and shoots Fitz. He gives them to option to surrender or be his playthings until he kills them. Daisy and Simmons faux-surrender long enough for Daisy to kick his ass and break a steam-pipe, allowing their escape – to the next room, at least. As Simmons tries to patch up Fitz’s wounds, Daisy runs into their old frenemy: Deke. He tells them that Coulson welded him into a room and he had to leave through a window into space, but now he is committed to helping S.H.I.E.L.D. – but no one buys it. Maston-Dar starts breaking down the door, and Fitz suggests they fight on the move.

Mack goes to talk with Flint – or rather, listen. Flint talks about how he feels, and Mack doesn’t quite reassure him; he just tells him that it doesn’t get any easier. Flint considers just turning himself in. They hear movement, and Mack goes to investigate. Daisy, Fitz, Simmons and Deke arrive. The gang is all together! (Except May.) They tell Coulson that May was sent to Earth, and he concludes that that is the best place for her right now. Mack goes to find Flint to see if he has anything to help patch up Fitz, but Flint is gone.

A hooded figure approaches the Vicar and reveals itself to be none other than Flint. He is turning himself in; he won’t let more innocent lives be lost. A Kree guard searches his pockets and finds nothing but some rocks. As the Vicar commends Flint for turning himself in, Flint telepathically fashions the rocks into a pointed bullet and drives them through the Vicar’s eye, killing them. In the mass panic, Sinara arrives and knocks Flint unconscious. The guard suggests she turn him in, but she says that he is bait.

Daisy, Coulson and Mack head out to rectify this situation, and Coulson reveals he stole the confiscated gun from Grill. Daisy turns herself in to Sinara, but she just tries to take her and Flint. Coulson shoots her, and Maston-Dar arrives and starts to fight Coulson and Mack. Eventually the team get their bearings, get Flint and make it back to their hidden salvage room. While they are there, Flint barricades the door with boulders while they work out a plan. Maston-Dar pushes Sinara aside and begins firing holes in the wall with a high-powered weapon. Deke comes up with the plan of using his anti-gravity belt buckle to head up to the Trawler through the ducts. Everyone protests him going first, so the team slowly makes their way up the vents while Maston-Dar punches hole through the wall and Sinara waits impatiently. Finally, Maston-Dar places blast charges into the holes, and blows up the wall – right as Sinara kills him with her silver orbs of death. She finds the team gone.

The team escapes and all realize that none of them know how to fly the Trawler, all of them assuming Deke knew how. Flint reveals that Virgil was giving him flying lessons, but he isn’t going with. Mack told him to use his powers to save people, so he is staying behind to fight the good fight on the Lighthouse. Mack said he was always there if Flint needs him, so he decides to stay. Yo-Yo does too. The team hugs and says their goodbyes. Before he leaves, Fitz tells them that he left a huge cache of weapons before he froze himself. It’s on level 3, which is where the vrellnexians are. Mack and Yo-Yo are… ungrateful. Aboard the ship, Coulson attempts to clunkily fly. They make it to Earth the hard way when Coulson’s skills prove to be less than adequate.

Sinara returns to Kasius and Faulnak and tells them that the team escaped to Earth to find friends. Faulnak decides that if humans can survive on the wreckage of Earth, so can Kree. He orders a ship prepared for Maston-Dar, but Sinara tells him that she killed him. Faulnak finally sees that he underestimated Sinara; she fought the Destroyer of Worlds and lived, and killed his bodyguard. He offers her a place at his side. Suddenly, Kasius kills him from behind with the bayonet. He tells him that Sinara is not a good to be traded or sold – that she was the one who killed his generals in the war, because they realized it was a suicide mission to get Kasius out of the picture. Faulnak accuses him of being a coward who stabs people in the back, so Kasius stabs him in the front and kills him.

On Earth, May wakes up and Enoch informs her that their captors were their saviors – they were anchoring them from the gravity storm. He reveals that they are in the wreckage of the Zephyr One, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s jet. The wastelanders enter fronted by an elderly lady. She tells them that it is so good to see them again, and holds out a painted robin.

It’s future Robin Hinton! She saved them!

I loved all the call-backs to past episodes. Gravitonium and Robin Hinton were huge reveals, and it makes it feel like there is a grand story to tell. I give this episode an 7.5/10.

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Crackpot Theories and Speculation

It’s been so long since I’ve done this segment I don’t even remember if that’s what it’s called, but I have a theory.

Fitz isn’t going to make it back. Not only is it very much in the vein of the Whedon family to kill someone right after they got engaged, how could he return to the past? Everyone else was teleported and he was cryogenically frozen. If he was pulled back through the white monolith, there will be two Fitzes on Earth. He wasn’t part of the prophecy to save the world. His personal prophecy is to save the team, and that could involve the ultimate sacrifice – which is death, but also a fate worse than it. Imagine Simmons in the past spending time with the cryogenically frozen Fitz, knowing that she can never wake him up, because waking him up would prevent him from saving them in the future.

It’s too much for my little heart to bear.