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Powerless - Season 1
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

Last week on Powerless, Jackie and Emily bonded (sorta), Van tried to solve a mystery, and there was a tiny super-villain sighting; so you don’t forget this is a Marvel show.

The B plot is probably the most insane, least relatable (& frankly, least interesting) story this show about non-superheroes in a superhero has ever done: Van is trying to figure out which employee DARED to use his private office bathroom *eye roll*. He knows someone was in there because they left evidence in the form of a rolled up magazine. He pulls everyone in for an announcement and promises to fire the culprit. Anyway, blablabla, he tries to turn the staff against each other, blablabla it doesn’t work, blablabla. In the end they all “confess” to doing it to save each others jobs. You know who actually used his toilet? Jackie! She went in there to kill a bee because Van was flailing and screaming like a small child.

Speaking of Jackie, she got a chance to shine(ish) this episode through Emily meddling in her life. Crimson Fox is leaving charm city so Em signs her and Jackie up for self-defense classes because petty crime is sure to go up and women tend to be the most affected and also harassment is literally on every street corner (like Gross Tony the Hot Dog Cart Guy). But Jackie bails on the class and leaves Emily covered in garbage and in a t-shirt that makes no sense. We learn that Jackie bailed because she’s driving for Uber to make extra money

Powerless - Season 1
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

Jackie says the extra money is for her daughter’s field trip to 6 Flags and Emily actually buys this lie – presumably because she doesn’t remember what school field trips actually were like. She “Emily’s” the situation by taking a cheque to the school with too much pride and disappointing ALL the kids with false hope of a trip.

To make it up to Em, Jackie goes to the self defense class with her in the end, kicks the gross hot dog vendor in the crotch after a verbal assault, and confides in Emily that the money was for tuition! She wants to go back to school and finish her MBA so she doesn’t have to cater to man-baby Van her whole life!


A brand new Powerless is on tonight at 8:30/7:30c on NBC! The episode is titles “Emergency Punch-Up” and features Dr. Psycho, a supervillain who derails the team’s company retreat…*gasp* how will they get through it all?

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