In this day and age, you can’t play video games without at least hearing about The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. If you’ve played it, then you’ll know that with the remastered version, players are able to download mods to their game, making it a wholly unique experience for each person. One of those modifications is an unofficial DLC called “The Forgotten City.” Designed, programmed, written, and overall developed by Nick James Pearce, “The Forgotten City” is the first third-party mod to be critically acclaimed by Skyrim’s creators. If you’re a fan of the board game Clue, you’ll love this game.

Your character is approached by a courier, who provides a letter from a mysterious woman named Cassie. Having heard of your skill in handling problems, she begs for your help in retrieving her brother. It seems he had ventured into the ruins of an ancient, forgotten Dwarven city, but hadn’t returned in three days. Upon accepting the quest, your character is thrust into a murder mystery – the twist? It takes place roughly seven years ago. The city was wiped out when one person decided to commit an unspeakable crime. Your mission is to find out the who, where, how, and why of the murder to prevent it from ever happening.

Cassia's Plea

Cassia’s Plea – The Forbidden City – Nick James Pearce

It may sound fairly straight-forward, but there are twists to the story that will surprise even the most seasoned Skyrim player. This mod deserves all of the praise it’s required, and if I can spread the love and get more people to play it, I absolutely will.  Because this is a modification and therefore an unofficial part of Skyrim, I wanted to give a special shout-out to the cast and crew. Without your voices and your hard work, this story wouldn’t exist. Because of you, fans get to enjoy this household game with a refreshing twist! Now, here’s the thing: I loved this story so much that I sought out Mr. Pearce himself. After taking the initiative to create a fan-favorite mod, in 2017 he set his own studio up and hired a team from various Game Of The Year studios. He hinted at a stand-alone game he’s planning on announcing later this year, so please keep up with his Facebook here. With that, you can also keep up with the Modern Storyteller newsletter! Be sure to check him out and give them all the love that studio deserves! The photo below is a teaser that Mr. Pearce provided regarding his future gaming announcement! So over-examine it and let me know what you all think!


Photo Courtesy of Nick James Pearce – Modern Storyteller