Hello, hello! It has been a while since we got to see our lovely duo, Leroy and Max. I am very happy to say the series hasn’t fallen flat or lost any of its recently acquired charm. While on break, I did a little research and found out FOX has a total of 16 episodes ordered for the first season of Ghosted, but after episode 10, the producer shifts for the next 6 episodes, as the previous producer leaves and Paul Lieberstein takes over. His most well-known work as a producer is The Office, which I truly enjoy watching. I wonder what changes he might make to the dynamic series. I digress, onward with the review.

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We start the episode with Captain Lafrey being… not her usual self. A bit shaken, a bit distracted, it takes her a few seconds to start the meeting off. For the past few years, hikers in Gila forest have been disappearing. Annie is excited, it turns out she has been keeping tabs on the Gila Snatcher, though no one has seen it and lived. Rumor was, though, after a bit, bodies would appear. Well, not bodies, just bones. Picked clean. Max asks if Annie can tag along, being such an expert, and Lafrey agrees. After the meeting, Leroy confronts Max, making sure his mind was on the case, not trying to impress Annie. I will remind you, Annie does have a boyfriend, or at least had a boyfriend. She hasn’t mentioned breaking up with him, but there is definitely a spark between the two.

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While investigating the woods, Max confesses to trying to impress Annie, and Leroy decides to help him out. The bromance talk is very cute, and super awkward, which I absolutely loved, though I hate how it all goes to Max’s head. Luckily, the monster attacks, sending the trio running. Back at base, we get to see Barry trying to be an understanding ear. Honestly, I liked that character trait, and feel if they made him the sympathetic scaredy cat, he might have finally found his role in the group. It seems Lafrey is in love, and Barry’s advice actually helps strengthen their relationship.

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Back in the woods, the monster has Annie, Barry, and Leroy cornered inside a house. They realize the only way to survive the beast is to kill the beast. Using the items he finds in a dead hiker’s bag, Max builds a bomb, straps it to the dead hiker, and then Annie runs out with the hiker on her back, hoping the monster will snatch it up. It does, Max hits a button and boom goes the Gila Snatcher. The episode closes out with Max admitting his faults and apologizing for his actions in the woods, and telling Annie he has feelings for her, he likes her. She implies that she can’t date right now, but maybe later. Max has a chance! All in all, really starting to dig this series, and I hope Annie and Max at least get one date in before his wife pops up. Because we all know she is going to come back soon.

Well, I guess that’s all until next week, hope you enjoyed, and as always, stay shiny!