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While it seems like everything is starting to wrap up on a Broadchurch…a main suspect has emerged in the Trish case, Mark’s struggle has come to an end, etc…I’m convinced things will keep changing and surprising us right until the very end. And I hope it does. If Mark Latimer’s storyline throughout this series ends with *that*…I will be crushed.

*spoiler alert*

*That* being–if I’m interpreting it correctly–Mark’s suicide. Yes, it seems as though Mark alatimer just couldn’t take the pain of dealing with Danny’s death anymore. Or the pain of knowing his murderer walks free. So after telling Chloe that he loved her and wished he could’ve done better by her (over the phone), Mark Latimer fell off the cliff at Broadchurch beach and drowned himself. I think. Honestly I don’t know. I could be completely wrong. It was vague–I guess we’ll find out for sure this week. I really do hope it was all in his head, because last season he told his family “We’ll keep our love strong as steel. That’s how we win.” This action–all of his actions this season, actually, completely contradict this statement. I understand that Chibnall wants to showcase the complexities of losing a child, but Mark’s character development has just been all over the place throughout this series…and it’s very frustrating!

Back to the Trish Winterman case, after weeks of sort of floundering among loads of possible suspects, Hardy and Miller honed in on Ed Barnett. It turns out Ed is in love with Trish, no, obsessed with her. He follows her around and takes pictures of her, he has a short fuse, and his suit from the night of the party was dirty and had blue fishing twine in the pocket. I’m not convinced, though. I think it’s more likely that he found Trish after she’d been raped and he moved her or helped her home. Also weird, but I just don’t think he did it. This week, Jim Atwood looked the most guilty. Another woman told Beth about her rape story: she broke down, called a tow truck, but it never came so she walked to the closest place and got raped on the way. Who has a tow truck? Jim. Who wants to get out of Broadchurch with his wife for a “fresh start”? Jim. It’s looking bad for him right now.

Another guy it’s also looking bad for? Clive Lucas, the cab driver. Ellie discovered this week that Tom took back his phone and downloaded more porn. She took it back and smashed all of his electronics with a hammer (YAS QUEEN), but not before she found out Tom was getting the porn from Lucas. Tom seems like a real sleaze bag. I feel bad for Ellie.

Ian Winterman continues to be shady, but it’s hard to really tell why. He keeps trying to get help from Leo Humphries with deleting computer files. Once again, is this just because he’s scared of looking guilty or has he actually done something?

Only two episodes left, and I bet one of these overarching mysteries will be revealed next week.