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For the first time, I’m a little torn…between…RAFAEL…and Michael!!

This week, they had their bro date and it was awkward. Like, really awkward. Their personalities are so different, and they’re still harboring a lot of resentment for each other. Rafael feels like Michael judges him for everything he does, and Michael is still sensitive about the fact that Rafael stole Jane from him while they were engaged. Towards the end of the episode, despite Rogelio pulling a Parent Trap situation and tricking them into seeing each other, it didn’t seem like the two would sort anything out. But then, Mateo ran away (for 14 seconds) and the fear they experienced pushed them to open up to each other. If nothing else, the love Mateo…and soccer. There’s hope for these bros, yet. I’m really hoping we can get a whole episode that’s in the style of Three Men and a Baby…you hear me Jennie Urman??

Elsewhere, Jane struck up a relationship with a cousin, whom Alba “forbid” her from speaking to. This caused the biggest fight we’ve ever seen between Jane and Alba. Both women can be quite stubborn and this fight proved no different. Jane wants to continue the relationship with her other family members, while Alba never wants contact with them again. They didn’t end up agreeing on a solution, here. And Catalina, Jane’s cousin, showed up at her house at the end of the episode. So we’ll see what happens, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume it won’t be good.

At the Marbella, Petra is awake, but playing along with Anezka’s plan in order to gain control of the hotel! Also, Anezka is good at taking care of Anna and Elsa and Petra doesn’t really want much to do with them. Petra tried to be nice, but she was in a coma and no one freaking noticed, so she’s done. She’s going to push Rafael out of the hotel for full control, and she seems to have enough dirt on him to make it happen. The bitch is back! I’m not sure which version of her I like more, good Petra or bad Petra; it’s a testament to Yael Grobglas’ great acting that she can play *all* of her characters so seamlessly. She’s the underrated gem of this show!

Minor plots: 

  • Rogelio has broken into the American market! He got a part in which he’ll need to be…completely exposed. The only problem is, his Tiago producers won’t let him do it unless he does something for them in return!
  •  In the best moment of television ever, Rogelio sang a version of Beauty School Dropout to Xiomara, with Jane and Alba as his angels. This beautiful musical interlude inspired Xiomara to open her own dance studio. That seems pretty obvious; I can’t believe she didn’t think of that before, to be honest.