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My Hero Academia: Season 3- Episode 1

I am absolutely ecstatic to be bringing you guys the episodic reviews for My Hero Academia again! In the season 3 premiere, we get a taste of what is to be a very anticipated season. But we also get a refresher on everything we know up to this point in the show. Let’s just jump on into it!

We get a pan shot of U.A. and some narration from Midoriya getting the uninformed caught up setting wise. 80% of the world posses a quirk, and that this is the story of how Midoriya became the greatest hero. We are then brought into the intro and WOW. I initially watched it with my jaw on the floor! This intro alone was worth the wait we had to endure! We get a look at some future characters that will be joining the story this season, and might be foreshadowing some future events as well. But some of the visuals for this intro are so aesthetically pleasing like the shot of Shigaraki walking with a swarm of Nomu’s behind him. My personal favorite shows have to be of All Might and Midoriya powering up Super Saiyan style, and near the end with those two rising to their feet while the dust clears. And let’s give credit to Uverworld for their song, Odd Future. An absolute banger!

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

So we open to Shigaraki’s hideout/ karaoke bar. We see a broadcast of a television station interviewing the world’s number one hero, All Might. The TV is turned off mid interview and we are reminded of Shigaraki’s evil realization at the end of season 2. The only way to instill fear into society is to take away their precious sense of justice and good, in human form, that is All Might. Another member of the League of Villains, Kurogiri, begins to narrate the achievements of Izuku Midoriya. Being quirkless up until his third year of middle school, enrolled into U.A. high school, placing top 8 in the Sports Festival, and stopping the Hero Killer: Stain alongside his classmates.

We now go to midday outside of Midoriya’s house. His first semester at U.A. has been completed and it is now summer vacation! But, there is no time to play around. He must be prepared for his school’s training camp, and boy does he look prepared. I know I can’t be the only one seeing this: Midoriya is starting to really look and speak like a man! I’m almost amazed by these few scenes that we have seen him, Midoriya is growing up before our eyes! He continues his independent exercises and watching the old rescue footage from All Might’s debut, but suddenly his door bell rings. At the door are his classmates Kaminari and Mineta! (How did they know where he lived…?) They ask Midoriya if he would like to join them at the pool to get some training in before the summer camp. Seems a little off those two asking him if he wants to train with them when those two are notorious slackers.

We then go to U.A. where Mr. Aizawa and Pro Hero and also U.A. teacher, Vlad King, are going over together all of class 1-A’s quirk. After they are finished and are about to go over class 1-B’s quirks, Kaminari, Mineta, and Midoriya barge in asking for permission to use the campus pool. He tells them the school has allowed it but only up until 5 PM. Before the three hit the pool, we get to hear Kaminari and Mineta’s true intentions of wanting to get some training done at the pool. Before the semester was done, Mineta overheard the girls in class planning to use the pool frequently to hang out over the summer. They decided to stick to their pervy ways and try to catch a few glances at the girls at the pool. They were imagining very slender and skimpy attire, but the girls ended up only wearing the school’s assigned swimwear: a one piece swimsuit. Also at the pool are all the other guys in class 1-A! Midoriya decided to text everyone else and make the endurance training a class event.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

While the guys did some workouts and the girls played a little volleyball, we get a peek at Midoriya and Iida sharing a very sentimental moment. Iida tells Midoriya way back during the entrance exams that back then he would have never thought they would have ended up as good friends as they are now. During the practical exam, he did not think much of anything of Midoriya, up until he prioritized saving Uraraka from a giant robot over actually passing. Iida also confesses that he admires his tenacity, and that might have been why during the combat training himself and Bakugo lost. This moment was very nice, being able to see Iida’s point of view of Midoriya’s journey to become a hero. But as Iida mentions the name “Bakugo” and “losing” in the same sentence, guess who shows up. Bakugo’s fierce sense of competition gives Iida a brilliant plan, a 50m race between all the guys in class 1-A!

In the first heat, Bakugo wins with ease. In the second, Todoroki also wins without much effort. But in Midoriya’s heat, him and Iida were neck and neck until Midoriya was able to win by inches. The two congratulate each other on a great race, and Todoroki sees their admiration for each other and is reminded of the Sports Festival and the attack on Hosu City. How Midoriya was able to persuade him to take advantage of his fire quirk and not let his father shape him into the hero that he would want Todoroki to be.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

We get our first glimpse of All Might at the police station going over the recent actions of the League of Villains. First was the attack on USJ, then the attack on Hosu city, and lastly, Shigiraki making an appearance at the local mall and making almost a declaration of war towards Izuku Midoriya. All Might has made it clear that he is ready for their next attack. But back to the campus pool, we now decide the winner of the Class 1-A 50m race between Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugo. The three are all ready to go and Iida starts the countdown and as the swimmers are just starting, all three fall straight into the pool. Their quirks were useless! Mr. Aizawa has arrived and has informed everyone it is now 5 PM and the pool is closed. Glad we got a little sarcastic Aizawa this episode as well.

As the episode is wrapping up, we meet up with Midoriya visiting the beach late at night. He is surprised to also meet up with All Might there as well! All Might asks Midoriya why he is here at the beach and Midoriya is really just reminiscing over his journey up until now. Being given One for All by All Might and training on that very beach every day to become a great hero. Where all of this started. All Might reminds Midoriya the summer training camp will be tough, but Midoriya is not one to say no to a challenge. The credits roll but before the episode is over, we see Aizawa and Vlad King discussing the summer camp and deciding to change up the schedule a bit so any information that leaks out will only be leading the League of Villains astray. We also get a glimpse of Shigaraki making a phone call, stating that it is time to start a new game.

Everything seems just a little bit better now the My Hero is back in our lives! Even though we only got a little recap episode, it was good to have something fresh with the show being gone for what felt like an eternity. Next episode is sure to show some more progression in the story. Stay tuned for it here on TGON. See you then!

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