DC Television The Flash

Season 2, Ep. 2, Earth2.

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Last Tuesday saw a pretty momentous development in the Flash
fandom; we got our first glimpse of the muiltiverse on tv.

The first thing that caught my attention was Barry’s slight
douchiness that arrived with the introduction of Jay Garrick. Barry played up
the “I can never trust anybody again” line, which is completely understandable,
given how the last mysterious mentor figure treated him. So while Barry’s
reluctance to learn from Jay is justified, it’s tough, from the perspective of
a fan, to see him so cutthroat 2 episodes in a row. I fear a trend is emerging.
Hopefully not.

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Luckily, Iris swoops in and gives Barry a meaningful lecture
about learning to trust Garrick because, as she so eloquently puts it; “Not
everyone is Harrison Wells”. This scene was heartwarming to watch, but
something about it scared me. It seems as of the writers are allowing Iris to
take over the role of “Barry’s emotional coach”, which has always been Joe. If
this continues, Joe will become an unnecessary, expendable character, and the
writers might take the opportunity to kill him off. The theory is strengthened
if Mrs.West’s sudden, random arrival, is taken as foreshadowing some West
family drama (though her purpose could equally be to introduce Wally West).

Eventually, Barry accepts Jay’s help, and learns a wicked
new ability; Lighting Throw, which he uses to kill this episode’s villain, Sand
Demon (think Spiderman’s Sandman). Without a single sign of remorse. Remember
that “Barry’s-becoming-cutthroat” thing? Yeah.

The rest of last week’s episode was clearly dedicated to
foreshadowing and setting up various plotlines that will be played out later in
the season. Notably, Cisco comes out to Professor Stein about his
quasi-oracular visions, and expresses his fear that, because they were born
from an evil source (Wells), they themselves are also evil. A reasonable
concern. He decides to keep the knowledge of his powers between him and Stein,
though after Stein’s collapse, it might return to being just Cisco’s secret.

And then, just as we’re wrapping things up, we get an
able-bodied Harrison Wells from Earth2. But now we know to question things; is
this REALLY Wells in an alternate timeline or did Eobard Thawne jump over to
Earth2, where he could still exist?

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