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Coming out of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, I had a very different opinion of Kylo Ren than I did after The Force Awakens. And before you annoying Tumblr hipsters start saying “Well, I loved him even in TFA…”, I didn’t. He had just killed his father, Han Solo, and was really just a whiny jerk. Sure, he’s a pretty attractive whiny jerk but that’s besides the point.

If you’ve already seen TLJ, you’re probably agreeing with me, but if not, let me explain why Kylo Ren is BAE (is that still a thing to say?)

1. He’s conflicted (but in such a redeemable way)

Rey hated Kylo at the beginning of TLJ. She called him an irredeemable muderous snake, but slowly, throughout the movie, Rey (and the audience) got to know Ben Solo a little more. He’s had some pretty traumatic things happen to him (I won’t spoil, just in case you haven’t seen it)…and while that doesn’t excuse his evil behaviors, it does offer some explanation. He shows Rey that there is good left in him…more than anything, he’s conflicted, with some pretty bad daddy (and uncle) issues. He’s in desperate need of therapy and anger management, but he flashed a number of puppy dog eyes at Rey and said a couple of swoon worthy things. All of this combined was enough to make him a sexy villain, not just a muderous snake.

2. He did a brave thing to save his lady

GUYS. HE KILLED SNOKE. He was freaking obsessed with Snoke in TFA, but nobody threatens Queen Rey. Kylo actually somehow tricked Snoke and killed him to save Rey, then they beautifully took out all of the Praetorian guards like the dynamic duo they really are. I can typically control my excitement in the movie theater, but I was squealing like a little girl throughout that whole scene.

3. He’s a momma’s boy

He loves Leia. And I think it’s safe to say that Leia wasn’t killed off in TLJ because her death will be used as a plot device for Kylo Ren’s character development in Episode VIII. And I can already imagine that being beautiful.

4. Rey makes him more appealing.

Sorry haters, it seems like Reylo just may be canon…at least sort of. Rey is our moral compass in this trilogy. She’s good. She’s relatable. We root for her. Not only does she see some light in Kylo/Ben, she seems at least a little attracted to him. Because Rey sees good in him, the audience can see it too. A truly irredeemable villain wouldn’t be worthy of anyone’s love.

5. He’s played by Adam Driver, who just really seems awesome.

Awkward, awkwardly handsome, tall, dark flowing hair. Yes. Yes to alll of that. Also, did you know Adam Driver is a Marine Veteran?? Yes! Before he got into acting, he was a marine. He joined after 9/11. He seriously injured his sternum before his first deployment to Iraq, but the Marine Corps. is damn grueling…even if you aren’t deployed…and requires a lot of bravery. He even started a non-profit called Arts in the Armed forces that provides entertainment for active military. That’s pretty damn cool.

Also, this SNL sketch is legendary:

If you still don’t love Kylo Ren/Ben Solo/Adam Driver, I really don’t know what’s wrong with you and I’m sorry you’re so closed off to love. Open your heart to the Force (of Kylo Ren)…and go watch TFA and TLJ with this newfound love you possess.