Recently we were given a slate of DC films to be released over the next 5 years. Among them on this list was the announcement of The Flash. The film version of The Flash will be played by Ezra Miller who many will know from Perks of a Being a Wallflower. There seems to be mixed reactions from all the fans. Many say that Ezra is a great choice due to his wide acting range that he has showed in critically acclaimed indie film such as Afterschool, City Island, and We Need To Talk About Kevin. Ezra Miller has also shown to have a comedic side as well.

Now on the other side, fans have stated that this was a bad/strange pick. Some have been confused on why not stick with Grant Gustin as The Flash. DC/WB have said many times that they will keep both their TV and film universe apart to allow creative freedoms for their respected productions. Some fans have even gone so far to say that he’s a bad pick due to the fact that he doesn’t have “the superhero” look to him.

I feel that Ezra is a type of actor who can submerge himself into his roles and be able to pull off whatever type of Flash the film is going for. I think we need to remind ourselves that someone’s looks can be easily changed over a course of several months. Ezra also seems to be a very smart guy who knows a good film concept from miles away, so I have faith in him joining this project. It will be a bit hard to picture him as The Flash, but I’m sure producers saw something in him to call him to be part of this growing cast of DC heros. Overall I’m very happy with this choice of casting and I’m sure will be in for a very special and different type of Flash.