This is the eighth episode of Runaways, “Tsunami”. We’re about to start this with some pretty big spoilers. If you haven’t at least seen last episode, I recommend you catch up here.

On a side note, I like this show’s apparent obsession with using Marvel comic imprints as names for things. “Tsunami” was the imprint that Runaways’ first run was under, while the coffee shop Timely Coffee and school Atlas Academy are taken from Marvel’s former names “Timely Comics” and “Atlas Comics”, respectively.

Let’s jump in. Remember, I warned you about spoilers!


Source: ABC Studios/Hulu. Marvel’s Runaways. Kevin Weisman as Dale Yorkes, Brigid Brannagh as Stacey Yorkes, James Yaegashi as Robert Minoru, James Marsters as Victor Stein, Ever Carradine as Janet Stein, Ryan Sands as Geoffrey Wilder, Angel Parker as Catherine Wilder, Brittany Ishibashi as Tina Minoru.

Instead of in a flashback like typical Runaways fashion, we pick up immediately where the last episode left off: Janet Stein has shot her husband Victor for trying to kill their son Chase, and he is bleeding out on the ground. Chase and Janet are trying to stop the bleeding, where Janet’s lover Robert Minoru shows up. Chase tries to fight him, which is totally not the time, but Robert’s wife Tina is there too; clearly, this wasn’t to continue the affair. Tina tells Chase to back off so they can save his dad.

Elsewhere, the Minoru’s daughter Nico won’t budge – she demands answers from her boyfriend-ish/friend-ish Alex Wilder. What is he hiding? Why didn’t he show up to her sister Amy’s funeral? Why does he know her mom’s password? He plays a voicemail from Amy on the night that she died, saying she needs his help because he is the only one who knows. Nico is furious that he has been sitting on this information for two years while she was depressed. Alex continues; he and Amy were playing Battlefront, and he ran diagnostics on her computer, finding out she was being keylogged – not by hackers or by internet trolls, by Tina Minoru.

Amy had hacked into the Minoru’s company Wizard and was leeching money off it it’s servers – not to make money, but to “beat” Tina for once. Unfortunately, she got caught by Tina’s bodyguard, Kincaid. Alex promised not to tell anyone, but Nico doesn’t forgive him; she is still alive and this information could have put her mind to rest. Alex thinks that Amy killed herself so she didn’t have to turn herself in to Tina, but Nico doesn’t think so. Why would their mom put the house on lockdown and call in their corrupt detective Flores if Amy killed herself? Nico thinks Amy was trying to run away and got caught for finding something on the PRIDE. She leaves to search Amy’s room again, and Alex tries go with – but Nico doesn’t want him there.

Outside the Stein residence, Alex’s parents Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder arrive, preparing for the worst. The last time they got this one-word text message, former PRIDE members Gene and Alice Hernandez were torn to pieces. Something bad is happening in the Stein house. They enter and find Victor bleeding on the floor, and Geoffrey pulls a gun. Tina quickly points out that Chase is there before Geoffrey does anything hasty. Janet explains that she shot Victor during one of his episodes, and Chase asks why she invited her charity PRIDE instead of the police. Catherine tries to explain that they are all old, close friends, like a family – without giving away that they are also a cabal of super-villains. They have Chase taken upstairs to get cleaned up, and wonder where the hell their members Dale and Stacey Yorkes are.

Speaking of the devils, Dale and Stacey are having an awkward goodbye as they abandon their adopted daughter Molly Hernandez – daughter of deceased PRIDE members Gene and Alice – off to live with her very religious second cousin Graciela. Molly is very upset with Dale and Stacey and doesn’t forgive them, but they promise they are doing this with her best interests at heart. Dale gets a text and tells Stacey that they need to leave now, and this upsets Molly further. Stacey says that it doesn’t get worse than this and Dale tells her it does, showing her the text he received: “TSUNAMI”.

As Janet pours herself a drink, upon request, she reluctantly pours her son a drink too. Dale and Stacey arrive, and Chase is confused – Janet says that she called them because they are doctors. They are not, they are genetic engineers, and have little idea how to fix up Victor, but they’ll try. They do their best with the supplies at hand. They wonder why the last remaining PRIDE member Leslie Dean isn’t there, and the Minorus explain that Leslie is too close to their mysterious benefactor Jonah, and he already thinks they are screw-ups. This would just make things worse.

Upstairs, Chase tries calling Dale and Stacey’s daughter Gertrude, but Gert is busy hanging out in the basement with her genetically engineered pet deinonychus. He then calls Leslie Dean’s daughter Karolina instead, explaining that he and his dad were really hurt but then remembers their awkward kiss and hangs up, asking her to forget about it – he shouldn’t have gotten her involved. Leslie enters Karolina’s room and asks what’s up, and changing the subject, Karolina asks if her dad Frank was acting weird at the open house yesterday. Leslie explains that he is just stressed from not advancing in their cult/religion and getting fired, and to cut him some slack. She leaves, and Karolina tries calling Nico. She leaves a message saying that Chase just called, and his dad was really hurt. Leslie listens by the door. She shows up at the Stein’s residence just as the Yorkes’ have stabilized Victor enough to avoid his imminent death, but he will be in a coma. They ask if she is going to call Jonah, and she shocks them – she is going to call Frank. Frank arrives and Leslie warns him to keep quiet about her and Jonah, for the safety of his daughter. Frank says he does what he wants. He tries to heal Victor with his glowing gloves, but ends up undoing the work of the Yorkes’ and stopping his heart.

At Graciela’s house, Molly is actually bonding with her second cousin. After feeling disconnected from her heritage, she seems to “fit” a lot better with Graciela than the Yorkes. Graciela gives her a letter from her parents that she says she received shortly before their death, and it has a key and says to “Find Elian”, Molly’s stuffed elephant. As she is going to bed, Molly is confused – Elian was never lost. She only lost him once at a train station, and asks if there is a station nearby. Graciela says she can go in the morning, but Molly sneaks out the window. She sneaks to the train station and finds the storage box that the key opens. Inside is a VHS. She has absolutely no idea what it is. Millenials, am I right?

Karolina gets through to Gert, who has brought her dinosaur Old Lace into her room where her phone was. She was unable to reach Nico or Molly, and Chase needs help. After some bickering, they leave with Old Lace, only to find Jonah pulling into to the Stein driveway. Once he is inside, they sneak in with Old Lace – about as stealthily as a dinosaur can. Karolina finds Frank holding Chase back from seeing Victor, and sends Chase away. She confronts Frank about being part of PRIDE, saying he was the only one that was good. He is confused, so she explains that PRIDE isn’t a charity – she tells him what they really do. Upstairs, Chase meets Old Lace. They don’t get along.

Inside, Tina has called Jonah, who is only slightly pissed he wasn’t informed of this. He has a plan on how to fix the damage: Using the matter conversion boxes, the same way he is regenerated every PRIDE ceremony. Robert points out that he would need another body, and Jonah says that is correct – they should use the one who did this: Janet Stein. They all argue about who should sacrifice themselves for Victor, when Jonah makes the decision for them: It’s a family problem; either Janet gets in the box or Chase does. If Victor dies, they all die, and their kids too. Robert asks for some time alone with Janet.

With no one home, Nico searches Amy’s room. She finds her backpack lodged behind the bed, and inside is Amy’s phone – the one thing they never recovered from her death that might have some answers. She plugs it in to charge. At Timely, Alex tries calling Nico, but she still doesn’t pick up. As he tries, the video finishes decrypting – he has hard evidence of their parents crimes.

Robert tells Janet that she needs to say goodbye to Chase – if she doesn’t, she will regret it. It will destroy him for never getting the chance. Janet leaves to hug Chase goodbye, but Jonah stops her. The PRIDE urges him to let her go, but as they fight, Robert puts on a Fistigon so no one will stop him and gets into the box. He tells Tina that he has caused their family nothing but pain, and this is for the best. Jonah agrees that Robert is disposable, but Tina doesn’t. She takes out her Staff of One and destroys the box, which enrages Leslie. Jonah breaks up the fight and reminds Leslie that they don’t need the box anymore anyway; this was his last resurrection. Robert apologizes to Tina in Japanese.

Janet wonders what happens to Victor now, and Jonah closes the box. They can’t revive him, but they can keep him in stasis in the box. At the moment, that is the best they can do. Janet goes upstairs and tells Chase that Victor is receiving the best care possible and not to worry. She leaves, and Karolina and Gert sneak out of his closet and tell him that they need to go; Alex has finished decrypting the files.

Nico arrives at Timely first and Alex tells her that the videos are the worst thing he has watched. He is confused, though – their parents don’t seem to enjoy killing the people in the videos. Chase, Karolina, Gert and Old Lace arrive and Alex asks where they should send the video first. Karolina and Chase want to back out. Chase thinks that there is too much that they don’t know, and that ending PRIDE could kill his dad. Karolina spoke to Frank and thinks he could help. When the rest of the team refuses to back down, Chase and Alex fight and Chase smashes the laptop. Evidence gone.

In Amy’s room, her phone finishes charging. There is a text on it saying that “He” knows, and she needs to leave now. In a flashback, Amy rushes to erase her hard drive and escape, but doesn’t make it in time. She never committed suicide after all.


What a great episode. The PRIDE were lots of fun, and the solo adventures of Molly were nice – in fact, there was even a comic that was just that. It’s great having Old Lace around even when she doesn’t do anything. Her very presence gives the show a completely different feel. While it does remain interesting, it does feel like the story is spinning its wheels a bit, but that means it’s building up to a big climax and doesn’t want to play it’s hand too early. With only a couple episodes left, are you excited?

I know I am.

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