A band of misfits accompanies Supergirl to travel to a Blue Star, where Kara’s powers don’t work. Psi, Livewire, Imra, and Supergirl arrive at where Fort Rozz is suspected to have landed after Kara threw it into space.

They’re searching for Jindah Kol Rozz, whose name inspired the moniker of the space prison, in order to obtain more information about Reign. All the while, viewers get to enjoy the banter Livewire spits on about. The many pop culture references are hysterical to this writer.

Meanwhile, Alex is cooped up after her leg was put in a cast and is now babysitting Ruby. Her dynamic with Sam is so wonderful. In another life, I could certainly see the two of them dating. An unexpected text from Maggie throws the DEO Agent off a bit.

Maggie's text

Blair – TGON – Supergirl – The CW

Of course, poor Sam has pushed away again as Reign took over, confronting the gaggle of Supers on Fort Rozz. Psis powers were able to get through to Reign moments after she’d killed the Priestess without a second thought.

Sam was there, struggling for control, for a few fleeting moments before Reign flew off, assumedly back to Earth.

The loss of Livewire, who had rushed to defend Supergirl and the rest from Reign, is heartbreaking. Leslie was an awesome character and I was disappointed to see the actress leave the show.

Perhaps this might open opportunities for Cat Grant to return? PLEASE? I miss her being herself and giving awesome life advice.


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Sam is discovering she is missing time. It worries her, understandably, especially since she didn’t attend an important work trip for L-Corp. Alex did an awesome job watching over Ruby, especially when she confronts a girl from school who was bullying Ruby online.

Sam and Alex’s dynamic though….they’re so great together. Their friendship and Alex’s concern for Sam’s missing memories are so sweet.

The end reveals the identity of one of the world killers, a woman named Julia, whose world killer title the viewers aren’t sure of just yet.