Now that the premiere of our TV series is right around the corner, it is finally time to talk about the season 5 trailer.  Let’s break down what we saw, what we think will happen, and perhaps, what we fear might become of our favorite people!

Check out the trailer!

So, gather close readers and let’s talk this out!

What We’ve Learned: Hope isn’t a Background Character!  

Technically, Hope has been around since season one.  Of course, she was in the womb at the time and thus didn’t have a central role.  Next, she was an infant that got passed from Mikaelson to Mikaelson.  Finally, she has also been a young girl who did get the occasional plot line.  It hasn’t been until now, the final season, that Hope can really shine as a main character!  One watch of the trailer and any fan can tell that Hope is going to lead the way into the finale.  Most likely, it will be Hope that brings her family back together again despite the danger.  Are we fans psyched for the reunion scene between her and Klaus?  Abso-hella-lutely!


What We’re Hoping For: (Pun Intended) A Healing for Klaus   

From the time we first met him in “Vampire Diaries,” most fans have noticed just how broken Klaus Mikaelson is.  It impacts how he loves and how he hurts.  It impacts how he treats his siblings, his friends, and the women he feels for.  Most of this damage came from how Klaus’ father treated him.  Some of it comes from being a hybrid.  A lot of people have tried fixing Klaus. Camille tried to help heal him and probably came the closest to succeeding.  There a likely a lot of fans out there who are hoping Caroline puts this broken Mikaelson back together.  I had hoped his siblings could do it, but they’ve had lifetimes on top of lifetimes to try.  In the end, I’m rooting for Hope to heal her father.  If Klaus is a son that was broken by his father, maybe it should be a daughter that heals him.


What We’re Worried About: Will We Lose a Major Character?  

I wouldn’t be the first “Originals” fan to say I’m worried we’ll lose a main character this season!  Final seasons of long-lasting TV shows, especially high action ones, are well-known for going out with a bang!  And more often than not, that BANG is somebody’s chest exploding.  “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” are two examples of offing a main character right before the curtain falls.  If “Originals” does this as well, just who is going to get the stake through their chest?  Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d place my bets on either Elijah or Marcel.  Elijah will have just come back from his amnesia life and may not feel as if he has anything left.  He has also always been the sacrificing brother, so it would definitely befit his character.  With Marcel, it would be a way of finally cementing himself as a Mikaelson and not a Gerard, something I think he secretly has always wanted.


How about you all?  Did you notice something in the trailer that I missed?  Do you have a different theory on who might die in this season, if anyone?  What are you hoping to see in this last season of the Mikaelson family?