From tiny teacup breeds to giant mastiffs, dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, so what better addition to video games than these faithful canines? Below are the top ten video game dogs, in no particular order.

1) Wolf Link – Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

While not, technically, a dog, Wolf Link is still an awesome canine. In this form, Link can gain improved senses, which allow him to see spirits and locate otherwise hidden items.

2) Riley – Call of Duty Ghosts

Based on real-life heroes, Riley is the canine companion in Call of Duty Ghosts. This awesome hound is outfitted with gear, just like his real-world counterparts. A camera on his back allows the player to see the battlefield from Riley’s point of view, and he can act upon commands given from a distance.

3) Dogmeat – Fallout Series

Dogmeat is a recurring player companion throughout the series. Extremely effective at combat, Dogmeat can inflict multiple points of damage on an opponent. However, unlike other followers, Dogmeat cannot be commanded or told to leave.

4) Dog – Duck Hunt

As companions go, this isn’t the best of the best. He can flush out prey, but that’s about it. This dog’s value lies in his laughing at the player when he misses the duck. Man’s best friend? Probably not. But he’s still an awesome dog.

5) Mabari – Dragon Age

The Mabari war hounds are the most sought after in all of Ferelden. Fiercely loyal and able to understand complex commands, these mastiff-like dogs bond with a single warrior for life. In gameplay, the Mabari performs as any other party member with his own set of skills.

6) Toby – The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has been an icon for well over a hundred years. In this game, however, the dog takes center stage in one section. The player controls Toby as he sniffs his way through clues to locate the Bishop’s nephew.

7) KK Slider–Animal Crossing

Is there a cooler dog anywhere? KK Slider regularly shows up to entertain the town with his songs. A guitar-playing dog. Who would’ve thought? He has a mellow style and soothing tone of voice, and his refusal to place a price on his songs just makes him more loveable.

8) Dog – Fable 2

There are several breeds of dog in Fable 2, but the dog you choose is all yours. Designed for emotional impact as much as his ability to locate treasure and quest items, the dog reflects the alignment of the player. A ‘good’ player will have a dog that is loved wherever he goes, while an ‘evil’ player will have a dog that reflects that. Imagine, the dog really is a reflection of its owner.

9) Stray Dog – Skyrim

Do you get lonely wandering the northern province of Tamriel? How about getting a dog? There are several stray dogs in the Skyrim world, and, if you kill their enemies, they will follow you.

10) Dinki-Di – Mad Max

Tossed off a Landmover by Scabrous Scrotus, the dog becomes the companion to Max Rockatansky. He’s named Dinki-Di after a brand of dog food and proves his worth by sniffing out mines, ammo, and upgrades.

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