Rourke knew from an early age that he wanted to be a sniper and spent his twenty-two years on Earth training for the day he’d go to war. Little did he know, war isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

When most people hear about a military based video games they often think of big name titles, leveling up, and the unavoidable campers. However, “Long Gone Days” is the refreshing change this genre needs. Camila Gormaz and Pablo Videla have teamed up to create a game that tugs at the mass’s heart strings and awaken an understanding for veterans struggling with mental illnesses.

The game begins with an existential crisis and stunning anime. We quickly cross over to a pixelated two-dimensional classroom and the first day begins with Rourke, the main character, being briefed on what he believes is the current mission. He is told he is heading to Russia as part of the Polish army and begins training at once.

The controls used while training is simple, just point and shoot, but I believe there will be a vast variety of weapons and bullets used throughout the game. I was given incinerating bullets by a comrade which I believe foreshadows goodies to come. During the training the combat appeared to be turn based but will change to what Gormaz calls “Sniper Mode with seek and find mechanics”.

During the training and interacting with fellow soldiers, and our medic comrade, I found that Rourke is surprisingly relatable from the get-go. He’s sarcastic and snarky which aren’t character traits typically depicted in this genre. Once the training ends Rourke heads to the war he has been waiting for and he finds himself in dark and rainy Russia. This pixelated landscape combined with the mysterious and methodical music creates an undeniable entrancing ambiance.

On the first day Rourke is at war his morals are tested and he must find aid to complete his own mission. In doing so, his team will expand, and he will need to work hard to keep moral high, forge new relationships, as well as escape The Core.

Overall, “Long Gone Days” is shining light on the darkness that is war and is eye opening to the civilian world. The character interactions and hard plot twists will keep every player engaged. “Long Gone Days” has enchanted me with its plot and I look forward to the full game release in 2018.

On the Bus

GIF Image via Long Gone Days Website

The featured image and media can be found on the “Long Gone Days” website.

The in-depth demo can be downloaded here.