It is no secret that we enjoy an excellent farming sim on this corner of TGON. Something about the relaxing, repetitive nature allows me to get into the zone. However, a unique storyline and adorable graphics always help. This is where the Kickstarter goal smasher, A New Leaf: Memories, comes into play.

A New Leaf: Memories
Source: A New Leaf: Memories Kickstarter

The Plot

The player awakes on the beach of a strange island, called Omoide Island, with amnesia. Exploring their surroundings, players will meet with villagers from the surrounding area. Each will bestow the player with a different farm tool. Met with the sudden desire to farm and recover their memories, players will build up the land to learn more about their surroundings and themselves.


While exploring Omoide Island, players have many tasks to fill their days within A New Leaf: Memories. Farming is first and foremost, with a variety of crops, trees, and animals to raise. These tasks do drain stamina which is where cooking comes in. Recipes are ripe for taking on Omoide Island and preparing snacks each morning can help fulfill the daily tasks.

Is farming not your thing? There is always fish to catch in the various water sources or ores to pick in the mines. Do you find yourself in need of a break from the daily grind? Go hang out with the townsfolk! It can be lonely spending all day at the farm. Players can trade items with villagers, befriend them, or even fall in love. On occasion, those in town may also send you on a quest.

Quests come in two forms, the main storyline, or the coveted side quests. Main quests help you to uncover who your farmer was before their time on the island. Side quests can help players gain friendship with their neighbors or earn unique items. Before heading out on the town, players can spice up their look by swapping hairstyles, clothing, and eye color.

Odds and Ends

A New Leaf: Memories is currently in development and running its Kickstarter campaign. Players will be able to farm on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X. The final release is anticipated in quarter 2, 2022.