Just another day with the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan and it’s complete chaos. If you thought your ordinary day was full of inconveniences and upheaval you should check out the latest episode of Modern Family.

On its 9th season and funnier than ever before,  TV’s favorite family is back for more laughs.

Claire and Phil are struggling with work issues that could make or break their recent career choices. While Claire is still trying to gain the acceptance of everyone at her father’s firm, Phil is still trying to make a success of his own business project.

Since Manny is away at college, Gloria seeks out the dark forces to cast them out. Hey, why not? After all, a girl needs a hobby… But will it mess with Phil’s ability to sell real estate?

Luke ventures on a new way to make money.  With Alex and Claire supplying the raw materials there is no doubt that Luke will be able to make a successful and viable business, but will it last?

Cam and Mitchell are battling their own demons when Cam’s would-be brother-in-law steps in for a visit with his would-be baby momma, until Mitchell realizes that he really isn’t up to any good.

This episode has it all and doesn’t hold back. If heartfelt laughter is what you’re looking for then you definitely came to the right place.