Image Source: Marvel Comics Anita Blake

In Circus of the Damned Anita meets with Mr. Inger and Mr. Reubens’s who are now part of the Humans First, a movement who wants to eradicate all the vampires in the world with the hope to gain the name and resting place of the Master of the City. She denies having the information. After the meeting, Anita is brought to a particularly gruesome crime scene where her expertise is needed. The police want to talk to Malcolm who is the head of the Church of Eternal Life, and Jean-Claude Master of the City. Anita takes on the task of speaking with Jean-Claude and meets him at the Circus of the Damned.

In this book, Anita meets Richard Zeeman for the first time at the Circus. He is a hunk of a man. He has long brown hair, kind brown eyes, and a well-kept body. In the Circus, there is a bizarre emergency that takes precedence over meeting a good looking man and even a vampire threatening to kill you. Anita makes friends wherever she goes. Despite all the chaos, Richard and Anita start dating.

Mr. Inger again reaches out to Anita saying he has a better plan to take out the Master. Since he had just saved her life the night before, she owes him and agrees to meet. This time she meets Mr. Oliver and he is more than meets the eye. She is literally in for the fight of her life.

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