A couple of months ago I wrote about the new live, action Barbie movie that was supposed to come out this summer.

Unfortunately, without a known reason, the movie has been pushed back by Sony for nearly two years from Augustus 8th, 2018 to May 8th, 2020. This is already the second date change for Barbie after Sony originally dated the movie for June 29, 2018, then moved it back six weeks.


Source: stuffpoint.com

Could this be any indication that this is a movie destined to never be made? Considering that they started thinking about this movie in 2014/2015, it will then have taken 5-6 years (if the 2020 date is the final one) before we see a live-action Barbie.

What do you think? And do you have any ideas for the yet to take place casting of Ken, Stacey and other well known Barbie friends?