The crew comes back for another week of drama, which we expect because it’s a freaking weekly TV show. Last week we found out that Delilah is pregnant after Gina disclosed to Rome that the pregnancy test he found in the restroom wasn’t hers.  We also experienced Gary’s heartbreak when Maggie said she wasn’t going to be going through another round of treatment for her cancer.  And we continue to wonder who is Barbara that is on Jon’s life insurance.

Let’s dive into this episode 6 and see what happened:



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None of the friends know that Delilah is pregnant, the boys think that it’s Gina that’s pregnant. The gang shows up and Rome’s loose lips spill the beans that Gina isn’t pregnant.  Delilah then takes Eddie into the other room to talk, more on this later.

Adding to Rome’s stress, Gina’s mom makes her first appearance in the show.  She is overbearing and her antagonistic voice adds more drama to Romes life.  Being the nosy mother in law, she starts snooping through the mail and finds a baby outfit that Rome bought.  She thinks that Gina is pregnant, but Rome squashes that but admits that he’s not completely opposed to the idea. She insists on him telling Gina his thoughts, but he says he’ll do it in his own time.  Since she is a strong woman, she tries to force Rome to share with Gina, but he resists and instead, Gina yells at her mom and sends her leaving their apartment in the middle of dinner.

Thankfully, Rome has started his antidepressant medication, but his big secret is soon to be discovered by Gina. After her mom leaves, they are rushing to leave when Gina comes out of the room with the suicide note Rome wrote.  He finally comes clean with Gina about his depression and his fear that he will never be truly happy.  She comes to his side and says that they are in this together, unlike her mom and dad, they will weather the storm together.


Eddie is getting back onstage.  He finally booked his first solo gig and he’s pumped up about it.  On the way to game night, that’s all he can talk about, but this comes to a crashing halt once he hears from Delilah that she’s pregnant, but that the baby is Jon’s and not his.  He feels betrayed since it was his understanding that she wasn’t being intimate with Jon anymore.

Leading up to his performance, he begins obsessing over the playlist.  To add more stress, Katherine calls and needs him to take care of Theo for the night since she has something she needs to do with work.  This threatens his chance to finally get back in the spotlight until Gary and Maggie agree to help him out.

We wonder why Eddie is so stressed out. He’s done hundreds of performances before and for some reason, he can’t gather himself.  We soon find out that the reason for his stress is because he has never gone on stage sober. Gary brings Theo and Maggie to reassure him that just because he’s scared, doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t go forward with the show; the same remark he told his son Theo earlier in the episode.


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He goes on stage and crushes it.

Everyone is applauding him.

Delilah is there.

She goes back and she says that she lied and that the baby is his but it’s complicated due to the kids; Theo, Danny, and Sophie. The two agree that the baby has to be Jon’s in order to keep the peace.


Gary has become the character that everyone calls for help.  He’s there to help Rome through his depression. He’s also there for Eddie when he can’t go on stage.  He’s there for Maggie with her cancer.  This week he is there for Delilah when she calls on him.

Delilah is pregnant, and there aren’t many options for Delilah.  She can have the kid and complicate everyone’s life, or she can terminate the pregnancy.  So she calls Gary to take her to the doctor to do the latter. He takes her to the doctor, but she can’t go through with the abortion.



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Ashley is a character that continues to poke in and out of the show.  This week she continues her investigation of the mysterious Barbara as more things don’t add up.

First, Delilah is denied for a loan, even though the house is already paid off.

Then, Ashley calls the lender to find out what’s going on and finds out that Jon had another home that nobody knew about.

Finally, Ashley goes to a random mailbox and finds it full of delinquent notices.  What is it that Jon is hiding?

Wrap up

The season is trudging forward.  Episode by episode the writers do a good job of building suspense and building up for the next episode.  The one thing that is lacking is an emotional tie to the characters.   The character that I’ve connected with most is Rome, partly due to my own depression, but even with his character, I haven’t felt the deepness of his depression, just seen them talking about it.

I am still rooting for this show. I like it and I’m waiting for an episode that I can feel.  Hopefully, the coming weeks will give us what we are waiting for.