It hurts me to see Carol cry, Melissa McBride, and Lennie James who plays Morgan put out AMAZING performances this week. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

The episode starts up with the Kingdom loading up a tribute for the Saviors. This weeks food offering is cantaloupes, twelve to be exact. It’s being loaded into the back of the truck. Carol packs up and heads to the Kingdom to talk to Morgan, right outside of the entrance to the Kingdom Carol goes in a tree with a street sign to lure the five walkers at the gate. Carol easily kills the walkers and heads into the Kingdom asking where Morgan is. Carol asks Morgan why Jesus brought Rick and everyone else to the Kingdom. She wants to know if everyone is OK. Morgan refuses to tell her because he knows she can’t handle it right now, but he offers to go with her to Alexandria right this instant so she can learn the truth. She doesn’t want to go and Morgan refuses to tell her so he is going to go with Ezekiel for the Saviors drop.

We see Richard off on his own, being a weirdo, he has which we learn to be his daughters backpack near bye, he digs a grave that says buy me here. Back at the Kingdom Ezekiel is told that the Royal Garden has weavers and all the crops need to be taken out and replanted, but they will grow back. Heading to the meet point the truck is blocked in town by a line of shopping carts that cover the road with an arrow pointing a direction towards the front of the carts. It leads the group to the grave and it gets everyone thinking about how life is like now.

The stunt caused the Kindgom to arrive late to the drop, as we know they left with twelve cantaloupe, but when they arrived they only had eleven. The Saviors say that they warned them and need to make an example of them. One of the Saviors puts a gun to Richard’s face, Richards says just do it, but he aims the gun towards the right and lowers it and shoots it at the direction of Benjamin. The leader who I think is named Gavin looks upset that Richard was not shot. Morgan says that Benjamin is bleeding out and won’t make it back and they should stop at Carol’s as she is loaded up with supplies, I hope that isn’t something that will turn out haunt them if the Saviors go looking for this cache. Richard looks shell shocked and at first doesn’t get back into the truck.

They arrive at Carol’s house in a hurry, they bring Benjamin in to the table and all try the best they can to save him but he bleeds out to fast and doesn’t survive. Right before it he takes his last breath he whispers something towards Carol which I’m not able to make out. Morgan can’t handle this and leaves, he takes off on his own back to where the vehicle was stopped by the shopping carts. He has an AMAZING cut scene sequence that leads him all the way back to the beginning with Dwayne and his wife. Morgan is at a very bad place and almost slits his wrist, he kicks over a near bye container in his anger and under it was the cantaloupe. He has flashbacks of what was said during the event and remembers that Richard was the one in the back.

Morgan heads back to the Kingdom with the container and cantaloupe and goes to Richards room and throws it on the ground. Richards said it was supposed to be him, he was going to sacrifice his life for the message to start the war against the Saviors. He does all the talking as Morgan just looks at him like he wants to kill him, Richard says they can use this to show the Saviors they will fall in line, earn the trust and let the Saviors put the guard down and use it as an advantage to kill them. Richard says he will be the soldier to lead the army to crush the saviors. Richard tells Morgan that he is going to have to kill.

The Kingdom had to go and make another drop for what was short, one cantaloupe the next day, which is a waste of resources on both sides. Morgan got his stick and Benjamin’s stick before the Saviors arrived and fell back in line. Morgan asked Richard if he told everyone what had happened and Richard says he will tell everyone back home.  At this meetup Gavin learns that the kid has died, he looks so annoyed and sends the Savior that shot him to walk home. Richard goes to hand the Saviors the cantaloupe and starts his talk about how they get it when Morgan clocks him upside the head and then mounts him for some mixed martial arts ground and pound.


Should we do something? No, I’m sure they are just kidding, or their is a very valid reason for this. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Morgan tells everyone that it was a setup by Richard to start something by the two sides. They would have been on time, and had the full amount when they left. Morgan said that they get what they have to do, he essentially uses Richard’s pitch against him. Morgan says that they should leave him alone even when Ezekiel says he shouldn’t be alone. Morgan drags Richard to the spot of the grave and buries Richard where his board said to “bury me here.” Pretty morbid but makes sense, Morgan goes borderline “Clear” on all sorts of walkers as he heads to Carol’s place.

Morgan asks Carol if she really wants to know at Alexandria, she asks what happened to Morgan as he was bloodied and he said he killed Richard. He asks again if she wants to know and reluctantly she does. Morgan wastes no time to say that the Saviors killed Glenn and Abraham with the bat, how they work for the Saviors now. He goes on that is not all, that they also killed Spencer and Olivia. He says that Jesus brought Rick and the rest because Rick wants to fight them. Morgan says he is going to go somewhere else and just kill one by one. It sounds like Morgan is going to go clear again. Carol stops him and says he can go, or not go. She begs him to stay where she lived. They end up switching places. Morgan stays at the cottage as Carol goes to the Kingdom. She finds Ezekiel who is with Benjamin’s brother replanting the kings garden. Carol says she is going to stay there now they have to get ready they have to fight. Ezekiel says they do but not today and go back to replant the kings garden as a symbol for how things can be torn down and can grow again.


Morgan, that stick was just like you this episode. Sharp. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

At the end we see Morgan is at the cabin and sharpens his stick to a spear. This could be for a couple of reasons. He knows that the Saviors might be trying to find Carol’s house that he talked about or because he knows that war is on the way.

Next week we see Daryl trying to hide at the Hilltop from the Saviors, and Sasha and Rosita making matters worse, probably.