Unlike the first batch of new episodes on the 15th, the episode batch on the 22nd has a little more action. We lose a main character and bubble a corrupted gem, all while bringing Peridot and Lapis back to the forefront.

“Raising the Barn” is an emotionally draining episode with the relatable opening of an awkward phonecall where Steven’s friends Peridot and Lapis feel ignored and like he’d forgotten them since he returned (if you’ve ever dealt with depression this will be too real).

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network, via DenofGeek

The episode only gets more dramatic when, after hearing of the Diamonds’ involvement, Lapis panics and decides to leave Earth immediately. Peridot doesn’t want to go, but unlike Steven and Connie, has trouble being open with her partner. However, similar to Gemcation, Peridot spends most of the episode hiding her truth and feelings, where after opening up the story can resolve.

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network, via Medium.com

Before Peridot can open up, Pumpkin goes missing and a good chunk of the episode is raw tension looking for the Gems’ missing companion. Luckily they find her nearby and it gives Peridot the courage to tell Lapis the truth. Unfortunately, in an episode it was apparent we could habe gotten a PeridotxLapis fusion things fall through when Lapis just can’t dedicate herself to Earth and risk being caught up in another war. The episode ends with Lapis carving the Barn out of the Earth and using her water powers to take her new life into space. We hope she returns amd corrects her mistakes, but, until then, Peridot is back to living in Steven’s bathroom.

“Back to the Kindergarten” is a much less exciting episode. While we do get to see Smoky Quartz after a corrupted gem eats Peridot, the fight is short lived and a lot of the episode is based in healing emotions, keeping busy, pretty backgrounds, and explorations in setting. Steven recruits Amethyst to help cheer up Peridot by visiting Amethyst’s old kindergarten, where they find an odd flower growing in the wastes. They decide to help Peridot farm it to no avail, and after her crops die and a panic attack ensues, she is snatched by the corrupted gem. The gem is quickly poofed and bubbled by Smoky and the group returns home worse for the wear.

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network, via DenofGeek

The story picks back up on December 29th when we see Steven and Connie reunite, and the true fun will come January 5th when we receive 2 episodes not prereleased with the first batch. So watch online for an early glimpse, but be sure to tune into the official premiere to share in all the Steven Universe goodness with us and the rest of the fans!