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Want more Twin Peaks merch? Me too. I’ve already posted HERE about some of the best media available, but there’s so much more good stuff out there. ‘Tis the season to stock up on all things Twin Peaks, so here are some more goodies for us Peaks freaks to enjoy.


Twin Peaks: The Return prints by Cristiano Siqueira


Source: Cristiano Siqueira / crisvector.myportfolio.com

Artist Cristiano Siqueira (@crisvector) created a series of gorgeous posters for The Return. His collection of prints are all absolutely stunning and I would be proud to display any of them on my wall. It’s near impossible to pick a favorite but I am partial to the Part 16 poster of Audrey’s Dance. [Family and friends: if you’re reading this, feel free to smash that link above and get it done.]

Twin Peaks Lithograph Poster Print by Adam Fisher

Adam Fisher print

Source: AdamFisherShop / Etsy

This is very, very cool and I want it on my wall immediately.

Laura Palmer Watercolor Painting Art Print

laura print

Source: MistressArtDesign / Etsy

This one is maybe a bit morbid for the casual fan but I know for a fact that some of us have zero problem hanging a beautifully rendered art piece of a dead girl on our wall. We’re Peaks fans, OK? Things get weird sometimes. Also, this is gorgeous.


Black Lodge Comforter

BL comforter

Source: society6.com

This makes a great gift for the hardcore Twin Peaks nerd who, even while unconscious, needs their TP fix. Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King.

Chevron Throw Pillow

chevron pillow

Source: redbubble.com

This classic black-and-white chevron design allows the Twin Peaks fan to subtly incorporate some TP flavor into their home without going full Peaks. The pillow cover is available with or without insert and comes in multiple sizes.

Watercolor Opening Credits Bird Pillow

bird pillow

Source: redbubble.com

This is another subtle nod to Twin Peaks that fans can incorporate into their home decor. Only certain people will “get it,” which is a great way to determine if a new person you’ve invited to your home is a fellow Peaks nerd. If they comment on it, you’ll have lots to talk about. This 16×16 pillow cover is available with or without insert.

Agent Cooper Pillow

coop arrive pillow

Source: redbubble.com

Subtlety be damned with this one. If you love Agent Cooper and don’t care who knows it, this is the pillow for you. The pillow cover is available with or without insert and comes in multiple sizes.

Double R Pie and Coffee Pillow

double r pillow

Source: redbubble.com

Craving some of Norma’s famous cherry pie and a cup of coffee that’s black as midnight on a moonless night? Well this is the next best thing, although display it at your own risk. Warning: pillow may cause constant hankering for fictional diner pie-and-coffee experience. This pillow cover is available with or without insert and is available in sizes 16×16 and 18×18.


What is the Twin Peaks experience without coffee? What is life without coffee? Even DougieCoop, from his very first sip, understood the power and the glory of this magical beverage. So why not drink your coffee (or tea, if you must) from one of these rad Twin Peaks mugs?

Black Lodge/Man From Another Place Mug


Source: society6.com

“I am Dougie’s Coffee” Mug

dougie mug

Source: redbubble.com

“Fix Your Hearts or Die” Mug

fix your hearts or die mug

Source: redbubble.com

Black Lodge Map Travel Mug

BL map travel mug

Source: redbubble.com

There are also a lot of different mugs available at the Official Showtime Twin Peaks Store’s Drinkware Collection.

To make that perfect cup of Good Morning America, you can even try one of David Lynch’s own blends of organic coffee.


There’s a lot of stuff to choose from out there, but here are a few of my faves.

Squad Goals T-shirt

squad goals tshirt

Source: redbubble.com

If these guys aren’t squad goals, then what is? Shirt is unisex and available in many colors and sizes. The “Squad Goals” design is also available on a hoodie if that’s more your thing.

Black Lodge A-line Dress

BL dress

Source: redbubble.com

If you’re looking for a Peaky dress, look no further.

“Ask It” Log T-Shirt

log tshirt

Source: redbubble.com

Go ahead. It does not judge, and it has something to tell you. The shirt is unisex and available in multiple colors and sizes. The design is also available on a hoodie.

Double R Diner T-shirt

double r shirt

Source: redbubble.com

The next best thing to getting a damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of heavenly pie at the Double R is rocking this shirt with the classic Double R Diner sign. The shirt is unisex and available in multiple colors and sizes. The design is also available on a hoodie.


Michael Horse Log Necklace

michael horse log necklace

Source: Showtime Online Store

This log necklace, designed by our very own Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse), was definitely on my Christmas list this year. [Thanks Mom!] It’s awesome on it’s own, but an added incentive for purchase is that proceeds from every sale are donated to a philanthropic organization near and dear to Michael’s heart – Movement Rights.

Golden Shovel Necklace

golden shovel necklace

Source: Showtime Online Store

Shovel yourself out of the shit and show Dr. Amp some love with this Golden Shovel Necklace. You know Nadine has at least one.

Owl Cave Ring

owl cave ring

Source: Showtime Online Store

Wear this one at your own risk, unless you want to end up in the Lodge with that F^cker Ray.

These picks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Peaks merch available out there, so go forth and shop until you drop harder than Big Ed at the Roadhouse.

Happy Holidays, Peaks Freaks!