Welcome back, everyone! Tis the season of goodwill to men, so let’s just dive into the review. We start this episode, with a different show- Jerry Springer. Nick is denying Hailey is his daughter, which makes sense as to why he would imagine himself in that show. It turns out he was in an almost fatal crash (you all remember the truck in the last scene, guess it hit Nick). Anyways, Jerry asks what Nick is running away from. Cut scene to him running down the street in just a hospital gown. Not the best of sights, honestly. Happy is finally accepted as an imaginary creature, but Nick still refuses to accept Hailey as his daughter.

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Blue is trying to use Merry against Nick, not even mad she helped him escape. Blue is someone I hope I never will have to meet. Like, ever. He is just too mentally unbalanced. Luckily, before she can begin her search, a surprise visitor pops in at the precinct- Amanda, Hailey’s mother. Santo No No has sent her a card, with a clipping of her hair. They share some heated words, and Amanda ends up swinging on Merry. I mean, this is the woman who broke up your marriage. Makes sense they would come to blows.

My favorite character, Smoothie, also makes an appearance. To ensure Merry will do what is needed, he is watching her mother. The news worries Merry, so she rushes over to catch them.. doing.. facials. Smoothie also just combed out the mother’s hair, and is cooking Monkey Bread. Seriously, he is the most disturbed character I have ever witnessed, and I hope he survives the whole show, and gets his own spin off.

Meanwhile, Nick is being hunted not only by Blue, but other mob groups, who wish to just kill him so Blue will never get the password. He decides to leave, but needs guns and money to head out.

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We get to meet Le Dic, an acquaintance of Nick, though their conversation is far from friendly. Even though he owes the man, Nick asks if he can borrow some guns and money to get out of town. Dic offers him a chance to win the money through gambling, which Nick accepts, and we find out our lead character has horrible poker senses, and ends up losing hand over hand. That is, until Happy mentions the Queen of Hearts. Taking a second away from the table, we find out Le Dic is in league with Blue, and is just buying time until someone can grab Nick. Nick, meanwhile, talks Happy into helping him cheat, and we see the tables turn as Happy reveals the cards the others are holding. Now Nick has all the chips in his corner, figuratively and almost literally. Le Dic ends up hitting a bag of drugs, and Happy ends up bouncing off the walls. Dic reveals who he is aligned with, and we get to see what Nick does best- Kick Butt and take names! (I do not want to put a quarter in the swear jar today.) Nick starts to head out of town, but a guilt trip by our lovely blue flying unicorn makes Nick turn around, and head back to find Hailey.

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Speaking of Hailey, let’s jump back to our favorite Santa No No. After sending the letter, we see Hailey in her box, calling out and being answered by another child. She finds out the man kidnapped all the kids because he wanted them to stay kids forever. Not exactly possible, unless you are Peter Pan, and trust me, the man is not Peter Pan. Hailey reveals she sent a friend to look for a hero, and he will come and kick the Mean Santa’s butt. We learn that the person she has been talking to is the Santa himself, speaking as if he was a child. Now, he knows someone is coming, but Nick has faced off with attackers knowing they are coming.

All in all, I must say this series is a work. What is it, though, I can not say for sure. It is pretty to look at, even the fight and bloody scenes are something you can’t really turn away from. It has a strong, and very unique story line, one I’ve never heard of, and seems to only be 4 episodes long. I’m excited to see if Nick can save Hailey, and ever accept her as his daughter. Well, until next episode, I hope you all have a safe holiday season, and cheers to the New Year. Stay shiny!

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