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Fresh Off the Boat Delivered Paula Abdul and Nicole Storyline in Season 4’s Christmas Episode “Do You Hear What I Hear”

We have aleays said that Fresh Off the Boat shines during its holiday episodes, and it has continued to uphold the tradition and make us proud throughout Season 4’s holiday arcs. 

“Do You Hear What I Hear” delivered well above expectation, correcting the deviations from the shows winning formula with 3 well balanced plots.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

The first, least Christmas themed, takes us back into Nicole’s life and we gfwt to share in the character’s first crush since coming out, along with how she handles it with the help [sometimes hinderance] of her friends. When a cute barista starts paying special attention to Nicole, and a crush develops, Eddie tries to help his friend get some digits and they practically camp out at the coffee shop for the rest of the episode. He dirs gis best, but rangles in both Emery and Allison [a pleasant return] and they all support their friend work through her first crush, whole getting jacked up on too much coffee. After Nicole fails to br direcy and the barista doesn’t draw a smioey face or heart on her cup, iland she thinks she had failed, it is revealed that the barista wrote her initials on the cup [not surprising after all their eye flirting], and we are not only happy to see Nicole’s story develop, but also at the prospect of meeting this new character– just look at her hair!

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Evan got to split from his brothers and thrown into the main storyline – the HOA Christmas Carolers (managed by Jessica). Jessica stole the spotlight, unsurprisingly, but to see Constance Wu paired in scenes with Paula Abdul was a shockingly perfect combination. The writers perfected the blend of hyper-intense, confident, and sometimes conceited Jessica against Paula Abdul’s more deadpan humour and commanding presence. The mix gave us strong, witty dialogue, and a resolution that wad extremely satisfying and warm.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Tl;dr: Jessica cancels caroling until Paula Abdul rolls into town and whips the HOA carolers into shape. Then it becomes competitive and we get to see the cast sing and audition, giving nods ti the 90’s along the way, but when Jessica’s intensity gets her excludedit becomes a poeer struggle, but she rediscovers her Christmas spirit by the end.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Even if you don’t love a holiday episode, Jessica’s risque gandling of Paula Abdul is worth the watch. They even used an iconic Lin-Manuel Miranda line, where Jessica calls her short-term nemesis “the Puerto Ricab Maria von Trapp.”

The episode is rounded out by Louis and Honey having their own advdnture: sneaking to the movies to see multiple showings of Titanic together [a film Marvin wants to wait to watch at home]. The second viewing involves using costumes and Louis breaks out Jessica’s Lao Ban Santa costume and the entire debacle rounded out the episode wirh a necessary layer of physical comedy.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

The most heartwarming scene is whem Marvin fimds his christmas gift from Honey. A picture to big daddy and his confusion turns into joy when she reveals it’s a sonogram and they will indeed be having a baby.

All-in-all the episode is a must watch addition to this years Christmas catalogue.

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