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Hello Gothamites!

Remember that Bruce got kidnapped by one of the Court’s minions who knocked Alfred out like it was nothing?

As it turns out, the Court of Owls wanted to talk to him. Bruce wakes up in a room with a woman who introduces herself as Katherine. She also has a seat on the board of Wayne Enterprise. Bruce and Katherine eventually make a deal, she doesn’t kill him and he stops investigating the Court. Bruce gets drugged again by the minion and wakes up on his own couch.

Elsewhere in Gotham, two other people are also making a deal. Our bounty hunter Gordon agrees to let Vicki help him collect Penguins one million for Fish. In return, she can write a story about it in for Gazette. They want to track down Vicki’s source, who happens to be the one and only Selina Kyle. The one person who knows where Selina is hiding is Barbara. When Gordon and Vicki visit her, she’s enjoying her life as a club owner. She tells Gordon about a dream she had in which he gets an accident and loses both of his legs, so she has to push him around in a giant baby carriage; oh, how I wished they had shown footage of that! She is willing to tell them where they can find Selina and Fish, for the small price of a kiss. After Gordon refuses, she tells them anyway.

Vicki calls it in to the GCPD and when the cops break, in they indeed find Fish. But isn’t that the same building where the red hood gets shot by Gordon, Bullock and the GCPD?  If that’s true, what a typical place for Fish to hole up. With the help of her monsters she escapes. But not without losing quite a few of them to the GCPD.

Later that day Fish kidnapps Bullock and with the help of her special power she locates Hugo Stange’s hiding place. She even kisses him, although I think that was completely unnecessary.

Because Bullock dropped his badge, Fox and Gordon find out that he has been kidnapped and together with Barnes and some cops they go to the secret location somewhere in the woods to save Bullock.



As the GCPD surrounds the house, Penguin decides to also pay a visit, just like some people from the press. Penguin has gathered himself some kind of army since he doesn’t believe that the GCPD controls Gotham anymore.

Barnes won’t allow the cops to go in there since Fish has Bullock as a hostage. But Gordon, being as rebellious as usual, heads inside trough a side door. He thinks he is save, but he gets caught by two monsters. The woman with the deep voice and face-mask and someone with the ability to move super fast, like The Flash. They take him to Fish, who is persuading Strange to fix her and build her an army. Which he can’t, according to him. Gordon says him coming in is only about saving Bullock  and if Bullock and he can leave, he’ll make sure that Fish and Strange also can get out. So Gordon calls Penguin that if he makes sure his army distracts the cops, that he can find Fish alone in the woods behind the house.


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So said, so it played out. Gordon and Bullock get out while the two monsters get beaten to death. Penguin meets Fish behind the house and he is ready to shoot her, only she persuades him not to since she made him the man he is now. By using him as her umbrella boy and letting him rub her feet. As he gets emotional, she leaves with Strange. I was so hoping that he finally had the guts to put an end to Fish’s second life.

The other two monsters end up on the fire stack in front of the house. Hence the episode title Burn the Witch, or at least that’s what I think.  Although they’re burning two people so doesn’t it need to be burn the witches?

While everyone is occupied with Fish we see a known face crawling out of the water by a harbour. It is our girl Ivy, who after her encounter with the ‘older making dude’ in the previous episode, who got a few years older.  She is helped by a very kind man who takes her home and makes sure she gets proper, not torn clothes. In his house, she finds al sorts of plants that haven’t been taken care of because the man isn’t good at that. And they are a leftover from his ex-wife. He even wants to throw them away. Something that is not taken too kindly by Ivy. Eventually, she kills him with a plant and walks out in a very revealing dress.



In Wayne manor, Alfred suggests to Bruce that he could take dance lessons because he finally has time. The conversation is rudely disturbed when they hear glass shatter. When they walk into the living room they come face to face with Bruce’s doppelgänger. Vicki meets up with Gordon to tell him that she found out how Fish escaped with Strange, and that she knows that Gordon was the one who set everything up. It ends with them making out at the same time that Lee is returning to Gotham by train.


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