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Steven Universe is Back With 2 Episodes for December 15th! “Dewey Wins” and “Gemcation” Review

After a long hiatus and subtle return with new episodes released early on the CartoonNetwork app and on-demand services, Steven Universe is finally airing its new episodes two at a time December 15th, 22nd, and 29th!

The first two are “Dewey Wins” and “Gemcation” clocking in at about 14 minutes each to make up a nice half-hour block.

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network


“Dewey Wins” covers the immediate fallout after Steven returns from Homeworld with the story and news about Lars having died. Connie takes Steven’s return hard and can’t accept that he gave up and made decisions alone that split up the group and crapped all overall of their training. She leaves with Lion and won’t take his calls for the forseeable future.
The townsfolk turn on Mayor Dewey for not handling the disappearances or invasion, and when news of Lars still missing after all that hapoened and Mayor Dewey didn’t even know, no amount of PR could save him.

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Nanefua Pizza (Gunga) leads a charge in changing Beach City’s leadership and runs against Dewey in a conveniently timed mayoral race. Steven feels responsible that Dewey is getting heat for Gem problems but Dewey realizes he needs to find a new path and the townspeople are right.  Helping ex-Mayor Dewey serves as a distraction from Connie’s ignoring him, but he will eventually have to deal with the problem.

“Gemcation” is a little more emotional and equally low action, but even with its fixation on cellphone service it is able to deliver a mountain of heart (no shock there).

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Steven spends the episode hiding his issues with Connie and just seeming depressed or possibly experiencing post-Homeworld PTSD.  His poorly hiding his emotions leads the gems to schedule the vacation with Greg and attempting poorly to help him cope. Once he admits the issue theres a high speed chase to find cell signal and check for messages from Connie, but spoiler – there isn’t. The gems rally for Steven and watch the stars with him and Greg to create ambiance to take the edge off, and the episode mainly serves to give us strong artwork and ingrained the rift between Steven and Connie.

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