Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on!

Once Upon A Time has reached the point where almost everyone is deeply interconnected with each other or the characters themselves play dual, or even tripled, fairytale roles. Tonight’s episode dropped the bombshell that Victoria, while also being Cinderella’s wicked stepmother, is none other then the original Rapunzel.

“One Little Tear” covered mostly Victoria’s background as Rapunzel, and also introduced Anastasia to viewers; while the Hyperion Heights storyline was mostly focused on Victoria’s post-prison life and her working with Rumple in order to bring back Anastasia while both Ivy and Gothel are hot on their trail.

Rumple had his own little storyline going on for himself with finally showing his true colors to Hook; while the other minor plot was Jacinda finally gained custody of Lucy from Victoria. Notably absences from this week’s episode was both Regina and Henry, who are still down in San Francisco. But they take center stage in next week’s winter finale.

Outside of the major drop of who Victoria really is and by proxy who Anastasia is, the episode didn’t really do much. It felt like they were stalling just for an episode until next week’s winter finale. The only redeeming factor was the large amounts of screen time that Rumple got and also him finally working alongside Hook by the end of the episode. It felt weird not having Regina appear in some way for just a hot minute in the episode, but oh well, she’ll be back next week!

We’re getting close to the halfway point, hopefully the winter finale fires on all cylinders once a certain green skinned witch finally returns.